Who is Selin Cigerci? Where is Selin Cigerci originally from and how old is she?

Who Is Selin Cigerci From Where Is Selin Cigerci Originally From And How Old
Who is Selin Cigerci, Where is Selin Cigerci Originally from and How Old

The life and hometown of Selin Cigerci, who married Gökhan Çıra for the second time, are curious. Cigerci had previously changed gender and changed her name to Selin Cigerci after her surgery.

Selin Ciğerci (born April 4, 1984) is a Turkish Internet celebrity, singer and businessperson. Cigerci has been working in the field of pop music since mid-2017.

Selin Cigerci was born in Istanbul in 1984 in a conservative family. Having a father from Konya and a mother from Kastamonu, Cigerci's family was poor at first, but after his father owned a ready-made clothing company, they rose to the top financially. Cigerci participated in the 4th season of the program called Wipe Out, using the pseudonym "Okan Ünsal".

She has her own cosmetic product brand called “Selin Beauty”.

Cigerci married football player Gökhan Çıra on October 28, 2019. Demet Akalın, a close friend of Cigerci's wedding witness. Cigerci is a transgender. Cigerci divorced on 10 September 2021 with Gökhan Çıra on the grounds that there were various differences of opinion. In the news published on January 5, 2022, it was reported that Selin Ciğerci and Gökhan Çıra got together. The couple got married again on May 16, 2022.

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