Who is Sinan Ozen? How old is Sinan Özen and where is he from?

Sinan Ozen
Sinan Ozen

How old is Sinan Özen, where is he originally from, what is his profession, what are his songs? Is Sinan Ozen married? What are the names of all Sinan Özen songs? Does Sinan Ozen have a girlfriend? Where is Sinan Özen originally from? What are all the albums of Sinan Özen? What are Sinan Özen's films? What are the movies and TV shows that he starred in? Here are the answers to your questions…

March 1, 1964in RizeHe was born in Çayeli district of Turkey. Sinan Özen, a singer, composer and actor, is 58 years old. After graduating from primary and secondary school in Istanbul, he continued his education in Rize Industrial Vocational High School turning leveling department. Due to his passion for music, he decided to leave his profession and enter the world of music. He participated in the voice competition in 1981. But the competition kazanHowever, he did not receive any offers. She took notes and solfeggio lessons from her conservatory teacher Süheyla Altmışdört, whom she met on the occasion of her musician friend, and oud and note solfeggio lessons from composer İrfan Özbakır. She entered the Istanbul State Conservatory in 1982. She started her professional music career in 1989 with the album "Rüyarimunasa".

Between 1989 and 2016, he released 17 albums and 5 singles, one of which was a Turkish Classical Music album. He shot a music video for his last single "Make Love". The clip was shot in the city of Batumi in the Autonomous Republic of Adjara.

Sinan Özen was a guest of the program "Songs Us Söyler" broadcast on Kanal D on Saturday, May 21, 2022.



  • You Missed the Train (2021)
  • You Are Important (2021)
  • My Young Heart (2021)
  • My Sky My Star (2021)
  • No Friend (ft. Amad) (2020)
  • Acoustic with Sinan Özen (2020)
  • I'm Burning (2019)
  • Kiss Me (ft. Ece Toprak) (2017)
  • Let Nothing Happen to You (2016)
  • We Should Make Love (2015)
  • A Fine Saz on the Radio (2014)
  • Destroyed Istanbul (2013)
  • Quiero Comer Tus Labios & I Eat Your Mouth (2003)


  • 2016: Differently Archived November 22, 2016 at the Wayback Machine. Sinan Music
  • 2014: My Father's Songs and İnce Saz European Music
  • 2011: Master Cinar Music
  • 2010: Sinan Ozen 2010 Cinar Music
  • 2007: No Compromise Sinan Music
  • 2006: The State of Love Sinan Music
  • 2004: Wet Wet Akbaş Music
  • 2002: My Vagrant Heart Akbaş Music
  • 2000: If I Go Far Away Akbaş Music
  • 1998: Akbaş Music Alone
  • 1997: Festival to Houses Okey Records
  • 1996: The Smoke of My Cigarette Sen Okey Plakcilik
  • 1994: I Left a Rose on Your Door Okey Records
  • 1993: Okey Records for the Way of Death
  • 1992: Kiss Me Okey Records
  • 1991: I Want To Fall In Love Okey Records
  • 1990: Snowflake Okey Records
  • 1989: Okey Records If I Didn't Have Dreams


  • 2011: I Loved You (ft. Aslı Güngör)
  • 2003: I Eat Your Mouth
  • 1998: I'm Helpless
  • 1998: Alone
  • 1997: Festival to the Houses
  • 1996: Smoke From My Cigarette
  • 1994: I Left a Red Rose on Your Door
  • 1993: The Way I Die
  • 1992: Kiss Me
  • 1991: The Troubled Oud
  • 1990: Snowflake
  • 1989: If I Didn't Have Dreams

video clips

  • Let Nothing Happen to You
  • We should make love
  • A Fine Saz on the Radio
  • Istanbul is destroyed
  • I Love You feat Aslı Güngör
  • i regret
  • Live
  • Very But Very
  • Don't Say Nothing Happens
  • I do not know
  • I Can't Hurt You
  • I am thinking of you
  • It hurt
  • No Compromise
  • You So Much
  • Leave It Where It Breaks
  • Let go of your hands
  • I deleted
  • Wet Wet
  • kiss me on the ear
  • I came to sleep
  • Sleep and Grow
  • honey
  • Adhan for Us
  • let's go
  • I'm desperate
  • I couldn't cry
  • You are the smoke of my cigarette
  • unscrupulous people
  • Sweet Trouble of My Head
  • Festival to the Houses
  • I Eat Your Mouth


  • the glow of the night
  • Back Streets Season 2
  • Tirvana
  • Lord of the Draws
  • Sinan Ozen Sings

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