Who is Gokhan Tepe? How old is Gökhan Tepe and where is he from?

Who is Gokhan Tepe How old is Gokhan Tepe and where is he from?
Who is Gökhan Tepe How old is Gökhan Tepe and where is he from?

Gökhan Tepe (born February 8, 1978; Kartal, Istanbul) is a Turkish singer, songwriter and actor. Born on February 8, 1978 in Kartal, Istanbul, Gökhan Tepe attended primary school at Yeşilyurt Hamdullah Suphi Tanrıöver Primary School. Upon seeing his musical talent after primary school, he entered Istanbul Technical University Turkish Music State Conservatory in 1988.

In 1996, he released his album "Solve Me", produced by İskender Ulus. He shot clips for the songs "Don't Return", "I Loved Me", "Love Trouble", "Hard Income" and "Desert Flower" in this album. Then, in 1999, his second album "Canözüm" was released. He made his debut with the song "Canözüm", which gave its name to the album, in the album made by Selim Çaldıran and Cenk Eroğlu. Another song clipped from this album was the song "Sevmeler Forbidden Bana". In 2002, his album "Maybe Sadness, Maybe Love" met with music lovers. Also in this album, “My Mother” and “Will My God Forgive?” It quickly climbed to the top of the charts. In this album, there were also many pieces of lyrics and music belonging to the artist.

After taking a break from music for 4 years, his album "Yürü Yüreğim" took its place in music markets in July 2006. In this album, which has an important place in the artist's musical life, clips were shot for the songs "Insanoglu" and "Gel Aşkım", as well as "Yürü Yüreğim", which gave the album its name. Gökhan Tepe also composed compositions for other artists in addition to the songs in his own album. While Gökhan Tepe's music studies continued rapidly, he appeared in front of the camera for the first time with Burhan Öçal and Özlem Tekin in the TV series "Maçolar" broadcast on Show TV. After this success on television, she took part in the series "When You Say Goodbye", which was followed by Kanal D's acclaim, in the series where she shared the lead role with names such as Ece Uslu and Burcu Kara.

In 2009, he released his album “Vur” with the DMC label, and he shot video clips for the songs “Vur” and “Very Miss You” from this album. In 2011, he released the album Aşk Sahnede. He shot clips for songs such as "Red Carpet", "Lie Happened", "Word". He released his seventh album, "Like Myself", which he produced again in 2012, on 14 December 2012. In the album, he sang clips for the songs "My God Don't Let You Trouble", "Three Words", "His Name Is Love" and "Veda Makamı". His composition “Beyaz”, which he gave to Ebru Gündeş, was performed for the first time by Gökhan Tepe in this album.

Gökhan Tepe, whose more than 100 pieces he composed throughout his artistic life, took part in different albums as well as his own albums, introduced the song “Gelsen De Tellsam” to the audience towards the end of 2014. This song was a huge success, staying at number 1 according to official radio analysis reports for two months.

Gökhan Tepe met the audience on digital music platforms with his special song "Forever" on February 14, 2015. In March 2015, "Seninle Her Yere", the eighth album of her music career, was released. He shot video clips for the songs "Come If I Tell You" and "Destiny" from this album. Tepe got married to Aylin Özer on August 21, 2016.


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  • Untie Me (1996)
  • My Life (1999)
  • Maybe Sadness Maybe Love (2002)
  • Walk My Heart (2006)
  • Shoot (2009)
  • Love on Stage (2011)
  • Like Myself (2012)
  • Everywhere With You (2015)
  • Summer 2018 (2018)

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