Tünel Movie Actors Who, What Is The Subject, When Was It Filmed?

Tunel Movie Actors Who Is It About When?
Tünel Movie Actors Who, What Is It About, When Was It Filmed?

Seong-Hun Kim was the director of the South Korean foreign movie, which was released under the name The Tunnel. The film is presented to moviegoers on TV screens after movie theaters. The Tunnel movie was shot in 2016. The South Korean movie is about a struggle for survival.

What is the subject of the Tunnel movie?

Lee Jung-Soo is going home for his daughter's birthday. As he passes through a tunnel, something unexpected happens. The tunnel collapses. When Lee Jung-Soo wakes up, he finds himself stuck inside the car. His car is under thousands of tons of concrete and debris. In the car there is only a cell phone, two bottles of water and a birthday cake for her daughter…

Who Are The Tunnel Movie Actors?

Has Jung-woo
Bae Doo-Na
Oh Dal-Su
Shin Jung Keun
Nam Ji-hyun
Cho Hyun Chul
Kim Hae-Sook
Yoo Seung Mok
Park Hyuk-Kwon
Park Jin-Woo
Lee Dong Jin
Lee Cheol Min
Han Sung-Chun
Kim Seung Hoon

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