Is the Khashoggi Diamond Lost or Stolen? Where is the Spoonmaker's Apple? Here Are The Answers To The Questions

What is Kasikci Diamond? Where Is Kasikci Diamond?
Where is the Spoonmaker's Apple?

The Spoonmaker's Diamond, one of the most valuable jewels in the world, is on display in the Foreign Treasury Section of Topkapı Palace. Known as "the biggest and most famous of the historical diamonds", the Spoonmaker's Diamond was claimed to have been lost. .

Following these developments, an official statement came from the National Palaces. The statement said: “Unreal claims about the loss or alteration of the Spoonmaker's Diamond are deliberate attempts to mislead the public, aiming to undermine the activity in these days when Turkish tourism is starting to revive. All communication and information delivery channels of our Presidency are open to the public. Legal actions will be taken regarding unfounded and unrealistic claims both in the press and in social media.

About the Spoonmaker's Apple

The Spoonmaker's Diamond is an 86-carat diamond exhibited in the Topkapi Palace Museum. The diamond, which is decorated with 49 diamonds in a double row, is among the most well-known diamonds in the world.

There is no definite information about when and how the diamond entered the Ottoman treasury and why it was called the "Kaşıkçı Diamond". It is thought that its name comes from its oval shape and therefore its spoon-like shape. There are several stories about the arrival of the diamond in the Ottoman treasury.

Paper Collector and IV. Mehmed

According to a story about the discovery of the diamond, it was found in a garbage dump by a paper collector in Istanbul in the late 17th century. It is said that the diamond got its name from this person who was also a spoon maker. According to the story, this spoon maker sells the stone he finds to a jeweler for much less than its value. When the jeweler realizes that the stone is very valuable, he shows it to a friend. When a fight breaks out between the jeweler and his friend who saw the stone, the incident is heard by Kuyumcubaşı. The jeweler's chief gives a bag of gold to the quarreling jewelers and takes the stone from them. Grand Vizier Köprülü Fazıl Ahmed Pasha and IV. After being heard by Mehmed, the stone is taken. Thus, the stone that entered the state treasury is processed and a jewel weighing 86 carats emerges.

Napoleon's mother and Ali Pasha from Tepedelen

The most well-known story about the diamond's entry into the Ottoman treasury is that the diamond was bought from Napoleon's mother. According to the story, in 1774, a French officer named Pigot bought this diamond from India and took it to his country. After a while, Napoleon's mother buys the diamond. The diamond, which remained in Napoleon's mother for a long time, is put up for sale by his mother after Napoleon's exile. A man from Tepedelenli Ali Pasha, who was in France at that time, buys the diamond and brings the diamond to Pasha. Tepedelenli Ali Pasha, II. He was killed on the grounds that he had rebelled against the state during the reign of Mahmut. The property of Tepedelenli Ali Pasha is confiscated. Thus, the "Spoonmaker's Diamond" enters the treasury.

Structure and size

A diamond is 86 carats or 17,2 grams. It is a recognized diamond for not being a very large diamond compared to other diamonds in the world. There are 49 small diamonds in a double row around it. It is golden yellow in color.

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