What is a columnist, what does he do, how to become a columnist? Columnist Salaries 2022

What Is A Kose Writer What Does He Do How To Become A Kose Writer Salary
What is a Columnist, What Does He Do, How to Become a Columnist Salary 2022

A columnist is a person who shares his views and thoughts with the articles he prepares for newspapers, magazines or news portals. There are also columnists who specialize in subjects such as humor, cuisine, sports, politics, art, economy, travel and magazines or write on any subject.

What Does a Columnist Do, What Are His Duties?

Columnists; He is in charge of sharing his ideas about life, politics, economy or sports. Unlike the authors who are called the lead author and share the main views on the topics of the newspaper, magazine or news portal; Columnists write entirely their own thoughts. He does not have to think about the news policy of the newspaper or the platform where his article will be published. Apart from all these, the responsibilities of the columnist are listed as follows;

  • Not to pursue the interests of any interest group,
  • Not to carry the information collected from sources whose reliability may be doubted to the corner,
  • To comply with the ethical rules of journalism,
  • Not to use the media for personal greed or interests.

How to Become a Columnist

No special training is required to become a Columnist. Usually Columnists; It is chosen among people who are experienced in any subject, whose articles they share with the public are exciting and read, or who have a journalistic background. The Press Labor Law gives certain rights to journalists and Columnists can also benefit from these rights. In this context, columnists also have the right to benefit from free or discounted transportation services. The columnist is expected to have knowledge of Turkish grammar. Apart from this, there are some qualities expected from the Columnist and they are listed as follows;

  • Being disciplined and hardworking
  • To follow the agenda closely,
  • Listening to readers' opinions and suggestions,
  • knowing a foreign language,
  • To respect basic human and moral values.

Columnist Salaries 2022

The lowest Columnist salaries received in 2022 are 5.600 TL, the average Columnist salaries are 8.100 TL, and the highest Columnist salaries are 8.600 TL.

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