What is a Child Psychiatrist, What Does He Do, How to Become? Child Psychiatrist Salaries 2022

What is a Child Psychiatrist What Does It Do How To Become A Child Psychiatrist Salary
What is a Child Psychiatrist, What Does He Do, How to Become Child Psychiatrist Salaries 2022

A child psychiatrist diagnoses and treats mental illness and emotional problems in children and adolescents. The physical, mental and emotional health of children or adolescents kazanIt helps them to maintain their IP. Counsels parents.

What Does a Child Psychiatrist Do, What Are Their Duties?

Commonly seen in children and young people; Other responsibilities of the child psychiatrist working for the treatment of problems such as attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder, child and adolescent depression, anxiety disorder, learning disorder are as follows;

  • To obtain information about the patient's complaint and medical history,
  • To request the necessary tests for diagnosis,
  • Making a diagnosis according to examination findings and test results,
  • To predict how the treatment of mental illness can be,
  • Applying therapy or medical treatment to the patient after diagnosis,
  • Providing counseling to the family even if the child or adolescent does not have any mental problems,
  • Even if there is no mental illness, taking approaches to protect the child from situations that may be affected,
  • To provide support and information to parents in creating a positive development environment at home,
  • To direct the team when the treatment of the child requires teamwork,
  • If necessary, to follow up the child or adolescent by hospitalizing them.

How to Become a Child Psychiatrist?

To become a child psychiatrist; Universities are required to complete six years of Medical Education. After the undergraduate education, taking the Medical Specialization Examination and completing the four-year specialization training, the profession is stepped in. People who want to be a Child Psychiatrist must have certain qualifications;

  • Having strong communication skills,
  • To exhibit an empathetic and impartial approach,
  • Having problem solving skills,
  • To exhibit reliable and courteous behavior,
  • To be willing to do research and open to professional development, to have an analytical and scientific mindset,
  • Being careful and displaying a patient attitude,
  • Demonstrate the ability to cope with stressful and challenging situations.

Child Psychiatrist Salary 2022

The lowest Child Psychiatrist salary received in 2022 was 9.700 TL, the average Child Psychiatrist salary was 14.300 TL, and the highest Child Psychiatrist salary was 16.200 TL.

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