What are the 10 Main Benefits of Digital Transformation in Industry?

What is the Main Benefit of Digital Transformation in Industry
What are the 10 Main Benefits of Digital Transformation in Industry

Digital transformation is the transformation of the way of doing business and its focus is on the “customer”. It covers the holistic technological transformation in the fields of people, business processes and technology, with the aim of changing needs, more effective management of organizations, more efficient service and increasing customer satisfaction.

Digital transformation is also the implementation of a digital business model by changing a business model and using digital technologies to provide a new revenue and value generating process. Digitalization is becoming increasingly important nowadays. kazanThe main reason for this is the demand for making business processes more understandable, efficient and faster. A rapid change and transformation is taking place in the understandings and expectations in the international business world, with the prominence of factors such as artificial intelligence, industry 4.0, big data and IoT.

One of the transformations brought by the concept of digitalization in the industry is the transfer of all data belonging to factories to digital media. Factories transfer all business data to digital infrastructure by using software. Thus, a factory environment is created that is equipped with automation systems that increase productivity in production, instantaneous monitoring of production and remote intervention.

Providing information about digital transformation in the industry, Canovate Group Supply Chain Director Metin Çetin said:

“Transferring all the data within the enterprise to the digital environment provides end-to-end management of the business and significantly reduces operating costs. Team members who do not have to deal with manual tracking and analysis can save time kazanarak gains a productive environment where he can work on other projects. As the world brand Canovate Group, which is among the top 8 companies in the world in data centers and fiber optics with our R&D and innovation-oriented studies, we continue the digitalization journey in all our processes in order to maximize customer satisfaction. We ensure the improvement of processes with digitalization investments in the entire business process, from the receipt of the request from the customer to the delivery to the customer. With the new production management and tracking system commissioned at Canovate Group, all movements in production, from raw materials to finished products, are tracked with the help of information tools.” said.

Metin Çetin, Supply Chain Director of Canovate Group, talked about the stages and main benefits of digital transformation in the industry:

1-Advanced data collection: Digital transformation creates a system for collecting accurate data and fully incorporating higher level business intelligence.

2-More resource management: Digital transformation combines information and resources into a set of tools for business. It brings together company resources in one place, instead of cluttered software and databases. By integrating digital transformation applications, software and databases into a central repository for business intelligence, it leads to process innovation and efficiency across units.

3-An overall better customer experience: Customers' expectations and experiences are high. Customers have become accustomed to endless options, low prices and fast delivery. Data can be the key to unlocking customer expectations. By better understanding your customer and their needs, you can create a customer-focused business strategy. Data enables strategies to be more meaningful, personalized and agile.

4-Increased profits: Companies that transition to digital transformation increase their efficiency and profitability. In most of the organizations that have completed the digital transformation, their market shares are increasing and their profitability is increasing.

5-Increased agility and improved productivity: Digital transformation is making organizations more agile. Having the right technical tools working together can streamline workflow and increase productivity. It enables team members to work more efficiently by automating many manual tasks and integrating data across the company.

6-Instant Status Display: It is the display of the data obtained from the machines in the field and the information obtained by the analysis of these data. Continuously monitoring the condition of the equipment and recording any irregularities allows scheduling maintenance or other preventive actions to address the problem before it escalates into more serious malfunctions. In the instant status display, downtime, waiting, performance percentages data from production are included in tables and graphics.

7-Cycle Time Analysis: By creating the basis of continuous improvement, it minimizes the lost time of the operators. It determines the direction of cost improvement and total cost analysis. It helps to identify and then eliminate waste sources. It facilitates timely delivery.

8-Digital Performance: Data is automatically collected and analyzed to evaluate production processes. In this way, indicators such as machine efficiency and operator efficiency are made completely digitally and for the desired time interval.

9-Smart Maintenance: By analyzing the data taken from the machines, it is ensured that maintenance plans are made to take precautions in order to reduce the malfunctions and prevent the malfunctions from recurring in the next period.

10Smart Energy Management: Energy usage points and variables are defined systematically in order to protect energy resources, prevent inefficient use and focus on points that will provide maximum savings.

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