They Waved the Turkish Flag on Göndelic, Ordu's Highest Hill

The Highest Peak of the Army Gondelice Tirmandilar
They Climbed Ordu's Highest Hill Göndelic

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Dr. Within the scope of the works initiated by Mehmet Hilmi Güler to spread tourism in Ordu to 12 months, a positive report was received for the construction of a Ski Facility, and a climbing program was carried out to the highest peak of Ordu, Göndeliç Hill, at an altitude of 2.

2 volunteers participated in the event organized under the name of "We Climb the Göndeliç Mountain in the 40nd Stage of the Ski Center" in cooperation with Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, Youth Sports and Healthy Life Branch Directorate and ORBEL A.Ş. After the announcement made on the Ordu Metropolitan Municipality website, the volunteer team met at the event and hiked to Göndeliç Mountain, which is 10 km away from Çambaşı Ski Center. After the pleasant hiking program, the team waved the Turkish flag on the summit of Göndeliç Mountain.

The new facility to be built on Göndeliç Mountain, which is only 10 kilometers away from Çambaşı Ski Center and will be the continuation of the existing ski facility, is aimed to add value to Ordu tourism.


In line with the initiatives of President Güler, a positive opinion was given to the Ski and Chairlift Project for Göndeliç Hill in the examinations made by the technical personnel of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, General Directorate of Investments and Enterprises. In the report, which includes the opinion that the region is suitable for Ski Center and Chairlift;

“As the geographical location of Ordu province, Göndeliç Mountain in the Central Black Sea is the highest peak of Ordu province with an altitude of 2 extending to the western end of the Eastern Black Sea Mountains. Since Göndeliç Hill, which is requested as a continuation of Ordu and Çambaşı Ski Center, is 730 km away, Çambaşı Ski Center cannot meet the tourism demand in its current state, and winter sports are not available at an altitude of 10, the area of ​​Göndeliç Mountain of 2000 hectares. , its height exceeding 5000 meters, the elevation difference is between 2 meters and 700 meters, there is at least 200 hectares of skiable area, the runway length is foreseen between 800 meters and 1000 meters, its distance to the city center is 100 km, to the airport 4000 km, the land is suitable for snow tourism and tourism. We consider it appropriate to build a comprehensive ski facility on Göndeliç Hill, as it is suitable for winter sports.


The volunteer team participating in the walk thanked the Metropolitan Municipality. Expressing that they are happy to be at the summit, the participants drew attention to the suitability of the region, where there is still snow, for skiing and said, “It was a very good event. We observed today that even when there is no snow in Çambaşı ski resort, it is possible to ski here until the end of June. A very nice route for walking. This place is a must see beauty. We would like to thank everyone who contributed," he said.

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