No 'Barrier' from Bursa to the Love of Homeland

No Barriers to the Love of Homeland from Bursa
No 'Barrier' from Bursa to the Love of Homeland

Bursa City Council Disabled Assembly organized a traditional henna night for disabled and elderly individuals who want to fulfill their patriotic duty. The military candidates, who came to the field accompanied by the giant Turkish flag and marching band, gave their families emotional moments.

More than 1 people who benefited from the 30-day military service, which was initiated so that individuals who could not join the military, like their peers, due to their mental or physical disabilities, could fulfill their national duties, were sent off to the military with a henna night organized by Bursa City Council Disabled People's Assembly. Bursa Deputy Mayor Fethi Yıldız, Bursa Central Commander Air Transport Colonel Salih Vatansever, Bursa City Council President Şevket Orhan, Provincial Director of Family and Social Services Muhammer Doğan, AK Party Provincial Vice Presidents Kevser Öztürk joined the night at Merinos Atatürk Congress Culture Center Fairground. and Nurettin Özbağkıran, Chairman of the Assembly for the Disabled İbrahim Sönmez, military personnel and families of disabled individuals.

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The soldiers, who entered the hall by unfurling the giant Turkish flag, marched with marching band marches. The march, in which young disabled girls carried trays of henna, ended with the waving of the Turkish flag. In the program where a moment of silence and the National Anthem were sung, the members of the protocol applied henna on the hands of the youth. Families experiencing emotional moments took lots of souvenir photos with their children in military uniforms.

Stating that countless heroes such as Nene Hatun, Kara Fatma and Seyit Onbaşı emerged from the bosom of this society, Deputy Chairman Fethi Yıldız said that the Turkish Nation, with its men and women, has a military spirit. Yıldız thanked Bursa City Council Disabled People Assembly, who organized the program, and Bursa Garrison Command for their support.

Bursa Central Commander, Air Transport Colonel Salih Vatansever, on the other hand, stated that the 1-day representative military service was implemented within a picture of great happiness and pride. Stating that the youth will be given military training by dressing them in uniforms at the ceremony, Vatansever invited all citizens to the day when the soldier's oath will be read.

Bursa City Council President Şevket Orhan stated that in the customs and traditions of the Turkish Nation, henna is applied to the lamb to be sacrificed, the bride to be and the son who will go to the military. Stating that they lived to give life to this country, Orhan said, “As long as you have the flag flying high. I wish God's mercy on our martyrs. We embrace our soldiers. They are fighting like lions so that no one inch of this land is harmed. We always pray for our homeland, our flag and our soldiers. I am very happy and proud today,” he said.

Orhan, stating that the practice of military service and henna entertainment, which they have made traditional, set an example for the whole of Turkey, said that they gave families moments of pride.

İbrahim Sönmez, Chairman of the Assembly of the Disabled, also expressed that the disabled are always ready for duty for the country, not one day, and thanked all the institutions that supported them.

After the speeches, the disabled youth and their families had a great time with the orchestra of the Metropolitan Municipality. Disabled young people, who wore hand-embroidered manuscripts with the Turkish flag around their necks, took a souvenir photo with their families.

On the other hand, a symbolic farewell ceremony for 8 disabled young people was held at the event organized by the Metropolitan Municipality Handicapped Branch Directorate and Youth Services Branch Directorate in Gemlik Karacaali Camp.

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