People of Izmir Opened Chests for the 100th Anniversary Memorial House

People of Izmir Have Boxes for the House of the Year
People of Izmir Opened Chests for the 100th Anniversary Memorial House

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerDonations have started to be collected at APİKAM for the memorial house that will be brought to the city by İzmir in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the liberation of İzmir. Within the scope of the campaign, in which the people of Izmir showed great interest, the citizens downloaded the materials from the dusty shelves of 1914-1930, from the Medal of Independence to the weapons of the period, and donated them to Izmir. The collected materials will be exhibited at the 9th Anniversary Memorial House, which will be opened in Alanyalı Mansion on September 100.

The people of Izmir showed great interest in the donation campaign launched by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality for the memorial house to be built in memory of the 100th anniversary of the liberation of Izmir. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor for the memorial house where all kinds of goods reflecting the spirit of the period of 1914-1930 will be exhibited. Tunç SoyerUpon the donation call made by Izmir, the people of Izmir started to deliver the materials they had to the Ahmet Piriştina City Archive and Museum.

Tuğba Kılıçkaya, Director of the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Ahmet Piriştina City Archive and Museums Branch, gave information about the activities and said, “We have created a secretariat in order to communicate with our donors. We immediately return to incoming calls and go to our donors' homes. If there is a material that we can use between 1914 and 1930 by looking at the materials, we receive the material with a protocol after the approval of our donors. The interest of our citizens makes us very happy. We get lots of calls. We use all our means to reach them. We thank our fellow citizens for their interest and support.”

He left the Medal of Independence to İzmir instead of his son.

People of Izmir Have Boxes for the House of the Year

Muzaffer Batu, who donated his grandfather's commemorative photographs and the Medal of Independence to the Memorial House, gave information about his grandfather's photographs from Çanakkale, which bear the traces of the drying process of İzmir. Batu said, “While I was walking in Karataş, I read the call for donations to the memorial house at the tram station on billboards, and it caught my attention. I also had such materials. It's been in our house for maybe more than a hundred years. I figured I'd call and ask instead of just sitting there on dusty shelves. I called and was very well received. I like it so much. I rushed to bring the memories. In our house, there is a rule that says 'The Medal of Independence goes to the eldest son of the house'. It was inherited from my father. I have a son, but it seemed more correct to donate it to İzmir in memory of a hundred years. I hope that many young people like my son will see and feel emotional and protect the values ​​of this nation. It's better like this. Let's take it off the dusty shelves, donate it to museums. Let people see them,” he said.

“We considered it our duty to give gifts to the people of Izmir”

Hayriddin Sunu, who donated the ancestral relics from Izmir's liberation day for the memorial house, said: “When the Greek soldiers left Izmir on September 9, 1922, everyone took the guns they left to their homes. I had previously delivered the rifles we had to the state. But these two bayonets remained. My father and grandfather used them to fix leather in the tannery at that time. We kept it as a souvenir for later. One is a bayonet standing with its own scabbard. The other is a bayonet attached to a rifle. I served in the Turkish Armed Forces for 36 years; I have not seen such a cassava in the inventory of the Turkish Armed Forces. Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerWe were excited by the call made by the people of Izmir to restore the Alanyalı Mansion and turn it into a 100th Anniversary Memorial House. We used the number on the billboards to display these memorabilia, which is seen as an iron piece. They came to our house and inspected it on the spot. The exhibition was appreciated. We considered it our duty to present these works to our Izmir, to the people of Izmir. Tunç SoyerI would also like to express my gratitude to

APIKAM awaits donations

Materials to be accepted as donations; It should be related to World War I, the occupation of İzmir, the National Struggle Period, the Liberation of İzmir, Lausanne, İzmir Economy Congress, the proclamation of the Republic, Atatürk's Revolutions, Efeler and similar subjects. Will be able to generate data representing this period; Documents, documents, notebooks, articles, photographs, engravings, posters, postage stamps, uniforms, letters, postcards, maps, medals and the like are accepted as donations. The materials delivered by the donors within the scope of the campaign are recorded one by one. Properly maintained, it is kept until the opening day.

The “100th Anniversary of the historical Alanyalı Mansion” between Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and Konak Municipality. A protocol was signed to bring it to İzmir as the “Anniversary Memorial House”.

For those who want to donate
Eda Tasdemir: 293 1588
Tulay Tankut: 293 3566
Address: APİKAM, Çankaya Mah. Şair Eşref Bulvarı No:1/A 35210 Konak-İzmir

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