'The World's Natural Logistics Center Turkey' Themed Program Was Held in Mersin

The World's Natural Logistics Center Turkey Program was held in Mersin
'The World's Natural Logistics Center Turkey' Program was Held in Mersin

MUSIAD TUIT program with the theme of “Turkey, the Natural Logistics Center of the World” was held in Mersin. Making evaluations in the program, MUSIAD Chairman Mahmut Asmalı stated that they believe that the export target of 300 billion dollars will be achieved with the support of manufacturers and industrialists.

Turkey Consultation Meeting, which was organized with the theme of "Turkey as the Natural Logistics Center of the World", under the coordination of the Independent Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association (MUSIAD) Logistics Sector Board, was hosted by MUSIAD Mersin.

Within the scope of the program, “Nationalization in the Supply Chain and Transit Trade” with the participation of MUSIAD Logistics Sector Board President Mehmet Metin Korkmaz, Customs General Manager Mustafa Gümüş, FIATA Honorary Board Member Kosta Sandalcı, TÜSİAD Transport and Logistics Working Group President Ali Avcı, UND Vice President Fatih Şener. , Ankara Logistics Base President Erhan Gündüz, TOBB Sector Assembly Vice President Aslan Kut, TOBB Truck Committee Member Tamer Dinçşahin, Mersin International Port Management General Manager Johan van Daele, Çukurova Airport Management Chairman Süleyman Kozuva in the “Coordination and Qualified in Logistics” Logistics”, LODER Vice President Prof. Dr. Mehmet Tanyaş, Deputy Director General of International Agreements and EU at the Ministry of Trade Bahar Güçlü, Deputy Dean of Istanbul University Faculty of Logistics Assoc. Dr. Ebru Demirci, Head of Planning Department of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, Dr. Demet Cavcav, UTIKAD Board Member Bilgehan Engin, "Green Logistics and Carbon Footprint" panel sessions discussed the developments in the sector comprehensively.

Speaking at the program, President Asmalı said that the transportation and logistics sector is important for the development of the world economy and international trade. Stating that the supply chain processes are managed in the most effective way, Asmalı stated that the country is on the way to become the most preferred logistics center both in the far and near geographies, especially in the logistics sector. Pointing to the importance of Turkey's geopolitical position, MUSIAD Chairman Asmalı said, “Transportation and logistics capabilities have been added to the determining factors for production bases. In this context, at the intersection of three continents and at a crossroads on the route between world economic centers and raw material resources, Turkey has the highest level of economic and political potential from its geopolitical position. kazanIt aims to provide We are increasing our power in global trade on alternative routes,” he said.

Explaining that carbon emission is defined as one of the most important elements of global warming, Asmalı said:

“It is unthinkable for Turkey, which has the largest fleet in Europe, to ignore green logistics practices. In the logistics process, there are also environmental practices in the services provided besides transportation. Among these practices are the efforts to consume the electricity, water and natural gas used in the warehouses more economically, obtaining some of the electricity used from solar energy, making the warehouse suitable for more use of daylight, and preventing unnecessary electricity use in the warehouse.

Stating that as MUSIAD, they will continue to sign new cooperations that will encourage Turkey to be one of the most preferred logistics centers in both near and far geographies, Asmalı said: It is our greatest wish that our country, which has turned into an international corridor in every mode, has a logistics network that is pointed out in foreign trade. We wholeheartedly believe that we will reach our export target of 300 billion dollars as soon as possible, with the support of our producers and industrialists, who produce alternative solutions in order not to disrupt production and exports against intense demand.” made its assessment.

After the opening speech, the program continued with the panels "Nationalization and Transit Trade in Supply Chains" and "Coordination in Logistics and Qualified Logistics".

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