The First Bosphorus Race of the Year Started with 50 Sailboats

The First Bosphorus Race of the Year Started With Sailboat
The First Bosphorus Race of the Year Started with 50 Sailboats

The 'BAU Bosphorus Sailing Cup', which turns into a visual feast every year in the Bosphorus, started with the participation of dozens of sailboats. The sails gave a visual feast to the people of Istanbul in the competition that took place in the Bosphorus, the world's only natural sailing race viewing tribune, which is the first Bosphorus race of the year.

Organized for the 10th time this year by Bahçeşehir University, the BAU Bosphorus Sailing Cup hosted more than 50 sailboats in the Bosphorus, the meeting point of the Asian and European continents. The sailboats, starting in front of BAU Beşiktaş South Campus, will complete the stage after completing the buoy track between Caddebostan and Adalar on Sunday, May 8th.

Vedatcan Baltalı, President of Bahçeşehir University International Sailing Club Association, gave information about the race and said, “Our club, which was founded in 2007 by two sailors, became a federated club in 2016. Since 2013, we have been holding the first Bosphorus race of the year under the name of BAU Bosphorus Sailing Cup. The interest in this race is increasing every year. Our competition continues to attract a lot of attention from both the participating boats and the people living in Istanbul, as we held it in Istanbul, the world's only natural sailing race viewing tribune. This year, nearly 50 yacht racing sailboats participated in the competition. Our race will start in Beşiktaş. Then our boats will move towards Beykoz in the north direction. Afterwards, they will return to the buoy at Anadolu Hisarı and make the final in Beşiktaş.”

“It will be a competitive race”

Stating that the weather conditions are quite good for the race, Baltalı said, “This throat race we will hold is the final stage of the four-stage sailing league. The wind was not in our favor in the previous stages, so the races were not very competitive. But today there is a perfect wind in the Bosphorus. We are facing a wind blowing from the north. A very competitive race will be waiting for us both when the boats start, when they turn to the buoys and when they are cruising towards the north.”

“The first race of the Bosphorus”

Baltalı stated that they held the first throat race of the year and said, “These races have been held with the support of our university since the first day we started. There is a very nice wind today. Our wish to all racers is that their rehearsals are clear," he said.

“It will be a race open to all Istanbulites”

Stating that they have been supporting the races for 10 years as a university, Bahçeşehir University Rector Prof. Dr. Şirin Karadeniz said, “Today we are making the first race of the Bosphorus. It is a race open to all Istanbulites, where sailors can find that beautiful wind they have been waiting for for a long time. We are holding the first race of the season. We have been doing this race for 10 years and as a university, we support our students, teachers and all our staff. There are nearly 50 teams. Not only universities and high schools, but also the industry has its own sailing teams. It was a race where we could see all age groups in a boat, and all sailing lovers and sailing athletes from seven to seventy came together.”

Congratulating the contestants, Karadeniz said, “Our club was established with the initiatives of our students. They organize this race and we support it. Sailing is a sport where women, men and all age groups meet. I congratulate the young people for protecting the sport of sailing”.

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