Halkalı Commuter Train Services Started Between Bahçeşehir

Commuter Train Services Started Between Halkali Bahcesehir
Halkalı Commuter Train Services Started Between Bahçeşehir

Halkalı- As of May 23, in order to facilitate the urban transportation of citizens living on the Bahçeşehir route. Halkalı- Commuter train services between Bahçeşehir started.

Suburban trains operated by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, General Directorate of TCDD Tasimacilik AS, Kapikule- Halkalı will operate via the railway connection provided to Bahçeşehir over the railway line.

Commuter trains, which will operate twice a day in the first place, will start in the morning. Halkalıfrom 06.30 to Bahçeşehir, at 07.00 from Bahçeşehir, in the evening HalkalıWhile departing from Bahcesehir at 18.30 and from Bahçeşehir at 19.00, it will complete this 13.5-kilometer line in 22 minutes.

Istanbul Card is valid Halkalı- Bahçeşehir is the last stop of Marmaray with suburban trains. HalkalıTransfer can be made to .

Bahçeşehir-Turkey, which will be realized with Marmaray train sets with a capacity of 1.637 passengers with five wagons, Halkalı With the suburban operation, easy and comfortable access to other urban transportation systems of Istanbul, especially Marmaray, was provided.

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