Sahmeran Statues Will Provide Scholarships for Girls

Sahmeran Sculptures Will Be Scholarships for Girls
Sahmeran Statues Will Provide Scholarships for Girls

34 different points of the city will host the Sahmeran sculptures interpreted by 34 artists. Ancient value of Anatolian folklore, IMM President Ekrem İmamoğluHe will begin to tell his story with the program hosted by . Sahmeran sculptures, which will be exhibited for three months at the city's landmarks such as Mecidiyeköy and Taksim Squares and Bağdat Street, will also illuminate the path of girls. The works will be sold in an auction held for the benefit of the Istanbul Foundation's 'Grow Your Dreams' project in October. The income will be a scholarship for girls.

The epic story of Şahmeran is presented to Istanbulites with the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) exhibition. Focusing on the healer identity of the myth, the 'Sahmeran 34' exhibition begins to meet in the public spaces of the city. Bringing art together with kindness, 'Şahmeran 34' will be held on May 10, by the President of IMM. Ekrem İmamoğluIt will be introduced in the program to be hosted by . At the event to be held at the Golden Horn Shipyard at 17.00, 34 artists will take part in the program with the Sahmerans they designed with their own interpretations.


The works, which bear the signatures of 34 artists from different styles, will tell the story of Şahmeran to art lovers between 13 May and 13 August 2022. After the exhibition, an auction will be held for the works of the Istanbul Foundation for the benefit of the 'Grow Your Dreams' project. From the income to be obtained, scholarship opportunities will be provided to girls. Şahmeran will be healing for girls this time.


'Şahmeran 34' is realized in collaboration with İBB and ArtPublik, which develops projects that take art beyond traditional fields. The exhibition is curated by Marcus Graf. 34 artists interpret Şahmeran, designed in contemporary form by sculptor Ayla Turan, in their own style. The works, each of which bears the name given by the designer; . It offers an art route to its guests at iconic points such as Mecidiyeköy and Taksim Squares and Bağdat Street.


In the project; Ardan Özmenoğlu, Aslı Şarman, Ayla Turan, Baysan Yüksel, Booby, Celaset, Genus, Devrim Erbil, Dinçer Güngörur, Elif Tutka, Erdil Yaşaroğlu, Eser Tuncer, Fırat Engin, Fırat Neziroğlu, Genco Gülan, Güneş Çınar, Hamid Toloueıfard, Haydar Akdağ , İsmet Yedikardeş, Kadriye İnal, Kemal Tufan, Maria Kılıçoğlu, Mehmet Sinan Kuran, Murat Germen, Nesren Jake, Nezih Çavuşoğlu, Ramazan Can, Reach Geblo, Şahin Paksoy, Seydi Murat Koç, Tanju Babacan, Yiğit Yazıcı, Yunus Emre Subaşı and Yusuf Aygeç is featured with her designs.


There are different expressions of Şahmeran, one of the most well-known figures of Anatolia and its close geography. One of the most common Shahmaran myths is briefly as follows:

“A young man named Camsab accidentally finds a secret garden. Here, Şahmeran, the queen of the Marans (snakes), gives her information about medicine and medicinal plants. One day, when the ruler of the city fell ill, the vizier said that Şahmeran's meat was needed for his recovery. As a result of Camsab telling his place, Şahmeran is brought to the city and killed. After the Shahmaran is killed, the ruler who eats it gets better, and the vizier who drinks the cooked water dies. In some versions of the story, Camsab is the new vizier, while in others, Camsab, who drinks from Şahmeran, gains his wisdom and becomes Lokman Hekim.

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