'Sadik Bey, If Mansions Had Language' EGİADwas in

If Sadik Bey were the language of the mansions, he would be at EGIAD
'Sadik Bey, If Mansions Had Language' EGİADwas in

EGİAD Founding President, businessman, researcher – writer Bülent Şenocak, the novel "If Sadık Bey were the language of the mansions" EGİADHe met with young businessmen on the talk day held in . The event with great participation EGİAD President Alp Avni Yelkenbiçer hosted the Board of Directors and EGİAD members also participated.

Opening of the meeting EGİAD Alp Avni Yelkenbiçer, Chairman of the Board of Directors, stated that historical heritage items are an important source of our country and said, “We think that transferring these values ​​from generation to generation adds pluses to the city's identity.”

Şenocak, who is also known for his books "The Star of the Levant, İzmir" and "The Humanized God" summarized his latest book "If Sadık Bey Was the Language of the Mansions" for the business world. Şenocak, who founded Şenocak publications in 2008 and stated that they received the Historical Respect and Local Preservation Award twice, summarized his latest book with the following words: "Today, that old Sadıkbey does not exist... Those old mansions do not exist... There are no old families... Sadıkbey is now an anonymous person. The district… A faded photographic frame… An image that has begun to fade from memories… A history that is almost forgotten… A longing for the residents of the old district… For the residents of the new district, it is nothing more than the name of a tram stop… Here, my purpose in writing this book is to use photographs, To contribute to the memory of the city by making use of memories and documents supporting them, to keep the history of a district that has been forgotten alive, and to remind future generations of this dramatic transformation of the district.”

At the end of the book presentation, a journey into the past of old mansions and important families of Izmir EGİAD Şenocak was also presented with a plaque.

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