Live Surgery on the Internet at Private Health Hospital

Live Surgery over the Internet in Private Health Hospital
Live Surgery on the Internet at Private Health Hospital

Private Health Hospital Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist Prof. Dr. Fatih Şendağ said that he had the opportunity to share his experiences through online trainings for Gynecologists. Expressing that the Private Health Hospital is an important center in the field of Robotic surgery, Prof. Dr. Fatih Şendağ stated that he showed both theoretical knowledge and practical applications throughout Turkey with online courses.

prof. Dr. Fatih Şendağ said, “I have been training Gynecologists about Robotic and Laparoscopic surgery methods for years. Here, our aim is to share this knowledge and experience and enable physicians to improve themselves in Robotic surgery. Within the scope of the live training we carried out at the Private Health Hospital, I gave both theoretical training and simulation training on models. I also performed Robotic Hysterectomy (uterus) surgery live. This surgery was broadcast live on the internet all over Turkey. There was a participation of around 200. Participants were also able to ask questions interactively. I explained all the advantages that the robot offers to the physicians. Robotic surgery technique allows the doctor to operate with millimetric movements without hand shaking. Since it provides detailed imaging, you can perform surgery while protecting the vessels and nerves. As the Endo Academy, which I established for those who want to receive special training on this subject, I also offer obstetricians the opportunity to complete the information they lack.”


prof. Dr. Fatih Şendağ noted that they used Da Vinci robotic surgery technology in Private Health Hospital and that they could perform different types of operations with this robot.

Şendağ said, “We can perform all surgeries such as myoma, chocolate cyst, cancer surgery, uterus, ovarian tube surgery, uterine prolapse, urinary incontinence. We want to become a reference center in this field. It's a team effort; Surgical equipment, operating room team, and most importantly, the experience of the surgeon and his mastery of this technology are also very important.”

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