Kızılcahamam Şifa Thermal Social Facility Opened Its Doors For Capitalists

Sifa Thermal Social Facility Opens Its Doors For Capitalists
Şifa Thermal Social Facility Opened Its Doors For Capitalists

After 2 years, the first guests of Kızılcahamam Şifa Thermal Social Facility, which was opened by Ankara Metropolitan Municipality but could not host its guests due to the pandemic, were citizens over the age of 65.

Relatives of martyrs and veterans, veterans, disabled individuals who are members of ABB centers, citizens aged 65 and over, who are provided with buses to Şifa Thermal Social Facility, will be able to benefit from free accommodation in the comfort of a 4-star hotel for 5 nights and 5 days.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues its 'people-oriented' works within the framework of social municipality understanding.

Kızılcahamam Şifa Thermal Social Facility, which serves under the Social Services Department, was renovated after the pandemic process and opened its doors for the first time to citizens over the age of 65.


The thermal facility, which was renovated and put into service by the Metropolitan Municipality; It will primarily serve the relatives of martyrs, veterans and veterans, as well as disabled individuals, citizens aged 65 and over.

Offering the comfort of a 45-star hotel, from transportation to thermal service, in the facility with a capacity of 5 people, where a different group will be hosted every week, ABB offers breakfast, lunch and dinner, unlimited tea, coffee and soft drinks, internet, for 4 nights and 5 days in a safe and hygienic environment. It provides free accommodation with a pool and spa.

The members of ABB Service Center for the Elderly and the Service for the Disabled can benefit from the thermal service, as well as the relatives of martyrs and veterans and veterans determined by the Martyr's Relatives and Veterans Branch Office. Saying goodbye to the first convoy of 45 citizens, Adnan Tatlısu, Head of ABB Social Services Department, said, “We will host relatives of martyrs and veterans, as well as elderly and disabled citizens, at our Kızılcahamam Şifa Thermal Social Facility, which we opened for the first time this year after the pandemic. We sent our first guests to Kızılcahamam. From now on, we will host different groups at the social facility every weekday. Also, very soon, we will start hosting our guests in our holiday camps in Akçakoca and Akçay.”


Citizens aged 65 and over, who stated that they were very pleased with the attention shown to them since they set foot in the hotel, expressed their thoughts with the following words:

Nurten Akar: “I am registered with the Center for the Elderly. We went on their trips, I also received renovation service and psychologist support for my house. I was very satisfied with these services. I always recommend it to my friends. I attended the trip to Kızılcahamam Şifa Thermal Social Facility with my brother. I would like to thank our President Mansur Yavaş and the Metropolitan Municipality, who called us and supported us in every way during the pandemic period.”

City Cloud: “I received 500 lira gas support from Ankara Metropolitan Municipality. Today we came to Kızılcahamam. It was not possible for me to come to Şifa Hotel by my own means. I am very happy, I liked it very much. May God be pleased with the Metropolitan Municipality and our President Mansur Yavaş.”

Belgüzar Aygul: “Our hotel is very nice, they took good care of us. They asked about our needs, thank you to everyone who contributed.”

Leman Aytar: “I would like to thank Ankara Metropolitan Municipality for bringing us to Kızılcahamam, we liked the hotel very much.”

Ahmet Yenay Açıkgöz: “I really liked this service of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality. We knew that our President would perform such services. Şifa Thermal Facility is very beautiful, its services are also good. Thank you for everything.”

Selma Organization: “I joined the Kızılcahamam tour with my sister, they welcomed us with a smiling face and we were very pleased with the services.”

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