Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality to Recruit 100 Civil Servants

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality to Recruit Civil Servants
Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality to Recruit Civil Servants

To be employed within the body of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), subject to the Civil Servants Law No. 657; Civil servants will be recruited in accordance with the provisions of the Examination and Appointment Regulations for Those Who Will Be Appointed to Local Administrations for the First Time.

Recruitment will be made through open assignment to the vacant positions specified, provided that they meet the title, class, degree, number, qualifications, KPSS score type, KPSS base score and other conditions.

Candidates who want to take the exam between 27/6/2022 - 1/7/2022 They will fill in the application form electronically at the address. The information and documents requested from the candidates will be provided by the institution via e-Government.

Right to take the exam kazanThe list of candidates will be announced on the official website of IMM ( on 14/7/2022, and the candidates will be able to access their exam entrance documents via this address.

Exam kazanFor the documents to be requested from the candidates to constitute the appointment, on the official web page of the IMM ( will also be published.

To reach the exam announcement Click here.

Exam application (between 27/6/2022 - 1/7/2022) Click here.

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