Gülben Ergen, who collapsed to the ground on the stage, was taken to the hospital! Who is Gulben Ergen?

Gulben Ergen, Knocked Down on Stage, Taken to the Hospital Who is Gulben Ergen?
Gülben Ergen, who fell to the ground on the stage, was taken to the hospital! Who is Gulben Ergen?

Gülben Ergen, who gave a concert in Düzce, fell to the ground while singing her second song. The artist, who was taken to the ambulance, was treated by the medical teams. Ergen, who took the stage after a while, became ill again and the concert ended. It was announced that Gülben Ergen was later taken to the hospital.

The stage lights were immediately turned off. Medical teams intervened in the concert area, in an ambulance. The artist, who learned that his blood pressure had dropped, was given a serum. After the intervention, the artist apologized to the audience and went back to the stage. Gülben Ergen, who stayed on the stage for a while, was taken to the trailer when she got sick and the concert ended.

Gülben Ergen was taken to Düzce State Hospital after the second intervention. After receiving treatment at Düzce Atatürk State Hospital, Ergen was voluntarily discharged with the serum in his arm. It was learned that the blood pressure of Gülben Ergen, who returned to Istanbul, had decreased.

Who is Gulben Ergen?

Gülben Ergen (Born on August 25, 1972, Kadıköy, Istanbul), Turkish singer and actress.

Ergen, who started his career with modeling and acting, then stepped into the music market as a headliner. In 2001, she received the Best Actress award at the Golden Butterfly Awards for her role as Melek in the TV series Nanny. In 2004, Uçacak album sold 600.000 and received a diamond award from MÜ-YAP. The song "My Gone Days Happened", which was included in the album Uzun Yol Şarkıları in 2009, became the song that remained number one in the Official Turkey list for the longest time. Gülben Ergen, who is the mother of three children, was named the "Mother of the Year" at the Onur Akay Media of the Year Awards in 2018.

Total album sales are over 2 million.

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