Farmers are Heroes of Turkish Agriculture

Farmers Are Heroes Of Turkish Agriculture
Farmers are Heroes of Turkish Agriculture

Emphasizing that the farmers, who form the basis of agriculture, can contribute to the Turkish economy to the extent that they are strong, Erkunt Tractor's CEO Tolga Saylan celebrated the farmers' World Farmers Day.

Tolga Saylan, As Erkunt Tractor, we defined the name of this power union as 'Farmer's Power' and we took our place in the field as a part of this power. We share the happiness and pride of being in the farmer's vineyard, garden and field with the heroes we wrote this story together with."

Saylan stated that they continue their work by listening to the voices of the farmers and said: “We are the heroes of the same stories. It sets out with a purpose; knows its roots, walks by believing in its goals; With the power of what we learned from our ancestors, we walk towards bright tomorrows. Since 2003, as Erkunt Tractor, we set out with the aim of producing Turkey's first domestically designed tractor by listening to the voice of the farmer; We are working non-stop to put a smile on the farmer's face. We produce not only tractors, but also companions who are deeply attached to these lands, who understand the language of the farmer, and who stand by him in his most difficult times. As long as they have faith in us, we will continue to walk alongside our farmers, share their stories, and produce tractors that come to life with their ideas and experiences. As the power of the farmer, Erkunt Tractor celebrates the World Farmers Day; fertile kazanWe wish you the best.”

'We've accomplished a lot in a little time'

Noting that they have achieved significant success in the sector since the day they were founded, Tolga Saylan said: “Our effort to understand the wishes, needs and demands of our farmers correctly, our investments in R&D, our effort to offer the best to our users and our ability to offer our after-sales services in the highest quality and uninterrupted manner have brought us to this point. . Having proven that we stand behind our products even after sales, gives us full confidence of our farmers. kazannagged. The contribution we make to the country's economy together with our farmers and all our production processes are a passion, and we, as Erkunt Tractor, will never give up on this passion. I know very well that our design processes, shaped in line with the wishes and demands of our users, will carry us much further than where we are today. We will not only be one of the important brands of Turkey, but also a well-known and reliable brand on a global scale.”

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