Ekol Logistics Provides Employment to Women Who Want to Become Truck Drivers

Ekol Logistics Provides Employment to Women Who Want to Be a Truck Driver
Ekol Logistics Provides Employment to Women Who Want to Become Truck Drivers

Ekol Logistics, which has made gender equality a company policy, provides employment to women who want to be truck drivers. Ekol, which has twice the world average female employees in the logistics sector with the opportunities it offers in many different fields within the company, is expanding its fleet with female drivers.

Candidates for female truck drivers can contact Ekol at ks.proje@ekol.com and submit their applications. The female driver candidates whose applications are approved are prepared to set off with the theoretical and practical training given by Ekol, and are assigned to the company's domestic and international operations. Licensed and at least moderately experienced drivers are preferred in application evaluations. However, the applications of female driver candidates who have a license but do not have experience are also evaluated within the scope of the portfolio created.

Ekol Human Resources General Manager Gülçin Poyraz said that they continue to offer job opportunities to women who say, 'I am in every aspect of life', and said, “We started our project with the hope of a world where we get rid of the definitions of women's work and men's work, and where we become one. Our goal is; To create employment opportunities for all women who want to be drivers at Ekol and assign them to our operations. All women who want to be a truck driver can contact us.” he said.


Ekol currently has three female truck drivers working actively in the country. Captain Elif Taşer, who started to work as the first truck driver in Ekol, makes domestic trips, mainly in Izmir. While Captain Ayşegül Güleç, the first woman to employ her husband, works in various regions in the country, Captain Merve Seçkin, who made her first domestic voyage to İzmir, also continues active voyages.

The film featuring the stories of schooled female drivers FROM HERE .


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