Diyarbakir Conquest Anthem Lyrics Contest Concluded

Diyarbakir Conquest March Song Contest Concluded
Diyarbakir Conquest Anthem Lyrics Contest Concluded

The "Diyarbakir Conquest Anthem Lyrics Contest" held in Turkish and Kurdish on the occasion of the 1383rd anniversary of the Conquest of Diyarbakir has concluded.

The winners of the "Diyarbakir Conquest Anthem Lyrics Contest", organized in Turkish and Kurdish, as part of the celebration of the 1383th anniversary of the conquest of Diyarbakir by the Islamic Armies, were announced by the Metropolitan Municipality.

In the competition, in which works containing the concepts and themes of "Islam, Islamic Civilization, Peace, Diyarbekir, Conquest, Symbols of Conquest, Prophet Solomon, Companions, Blessed Generation" took place, İbrahim Şama won the "Conquest of Diyarbakir" in the Turkish category, and Ahmet Tanyıldız won the "Epic of Conquest". Mehmet Gülsever came in second place and Mehmet Gülsever came in third with his work "Happy Conquest".

In the Kurdish category, Bilal Güler came in first with “Fethe Mubarek”, Mustafa Turan came in second with “Hello Diyarbekir” and Hamit Öztekin came in third with “Fetha Mubin”.

In the competition organized jointly by the Metropolitan Municipality and Eğitim-Bir-Sen, the first, second and third lyrics will be awarded.

The lyrics that came first in the Turkish and Kurdish categories will be composed and used in this year's Conquest Celebrations.

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