Disaster Awareness Training for Headmen of the Capital Has Started

Disaster Awareness Training for Headmen of the Capital Has Started
Disaster Awareness Training for Headmen of the Capital Has Started

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality started a training attack in order to be prepared for disasters and emergencies and to increase their awareness levels. After the completion of the "Neighborhood Based and Apartment Officers Disaster Awareness Training" carried out under the coordination of the Earthquake Risk Management and Urban Improvement Department, disaster awareness and first aid trainings for the headmen have now started.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues its training activities, which it started to raise awareness by raising awareness of citizens against natural disasters.

Earthquake Risk Management and Urban Improvement Department, Disaster Technologies Monitoring and Training Branch Directorate has now started disaster awareness and first aid training for the headmen of the capital city, following the neighborhood-based and apartment officials covering all the stakeholders of the city.


Mutlu Gürler, Head of Earthquake Risk Management and Urban Improvement Department, who participated in the training program held at the Youth Park Necip Fazıl Hall, emphasized that they want to raise awareness across the society and prepare citizens for disasters, and gave the following information:

“As Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, we have been providing disaster awareness trainings to different social layers of the society since the day we started to work. You may remember our previous trainings were aimed at apartment officials, city councils and university students. Now we are with a new target audience. We are continuing a training program that will create awareness all over Turkey, especially in the capital city, in the center of Ankara, with our headmen, and at the same time, we will reach large audiences with which we will create wide awareness. Our trainings here are also enriched with the meetings we had with Hacettepe University Faculty of Education Dean's Office, adding new scopes. With these programs, we will continue not only disaster awareness, but also a wide-ranging, qualified training program such as ecology sensitivities, climate awareness, and love of nature. We want to reach our mukhtar offices all over Ankara and, thanks to them, different social layers in the village.”

Önder Yılmaz, Head of the Head of the Head of the Head of the Head of the Department of Disaster Awareness, participated in the disaster awareness training program and made the following assessments:

“We wanted to make our mukhtars benefit from the disaster awareness and first aid trainings organized by the Earthquake Risk Management and Urban Improvement Department. We shared this issue with the Capital City Headmen's Federation and other headmen's association presidents. We planned such a training to ensure that the headman was informed about this issue, by providing coordination.”


The headmen of the capital city, who participated heavily in the "Disaster Awareness Training Program for the Headman", also expressed their desire to learn to deal with the difficulties experienced in emergency situations, and expressed their thoughts with the following words:

Nurten Worker (Cankaya Güzeltepe Neighborhood Headman): “Since our country is on fault lines, I find these works of the Metropolitan Municipality positive. I see that you have contributed a lot, we participate in the works together. We will try to do the best we can.”

Remziye Erdogan (Kavacik Subayevleri Neighborhood Headman): “I believe the trainings will be beneficial, that's why I came. It is a must-have training, I hope it will be useful.”

Muhabbet Alkaş (Keçiören Emrah Neighborhood Headman): “I think the training is necessary. I feel powerless against natural disasters, I came running to see what I can do.”

Hatice Çalışkan (Keçiörençiçek Neighborhood Headman): “I think it will be really helpful. Good thing something like this was thought of. We are with the people. I was thinking how can I be helpful as a knowledgeable person.”

Zeynep Yıldırım (Press Houses Neighborhood Headman): “We wanted to participate right away and we came, I think these studies will be very productive.”

Şengül Pekacar (Director of Keçiören Köşk District): “It has a great contribution to both the future and humanity. I will first pass on the information I learned here to my children and friends. Let's learn what we can learn, let's contribute to the future."

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