Deaf Olympic Champions Visit President Soyer

Deaf Olympic Champions Visited President Soyeri
Deaf Olympic Champions Visit President Soyer

The champion of the 24th Deaf Summer Olympics held in Brazil, Turkey Deaf Women's Volleyball National Team players and the third place in the taekwondo poomsae individual Olympics, Yusuf Şiyar Kıran, visited Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer. President Soyer said that he is proud of the success of the athletes.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer met with the Turkish Deaf Women's Volleyball National Team, champions of the 24th Deaflympics held in Brazil, and Yusuf Şiyar Kıran, the third in the Olympics taekwondo poomsae individual olympics. President Soyer, the young athletes from Izmir kazanHe said his achievements make him proud.

Deaf people should not stay at home

2018-year-old Yusuf Şiyar Kıran, the European Champion in 2021, the World Champion in 18, and finally the third in the Olympics, stated that his biggest goal is to bring deaf children to sports. kazanSaid it was climbing. Kıran said, “Deaf children should no longer sit at home and be ashamed of their situation. Let them come to the halls by breaking their shells.” Kıran also thanked his trainer Hülya Tuksal for her support.

We worked hard, we succeeded

Tuğçe Çakmak, a player of the Women's Volleyball National Team, who became the champion in the Deaf Summer Olympics, said, “We are very happy to bring this medal to our country. We are so proud,” she said. Gamze Çokgenç, on the other hand, said that she was very emotional because she was the champion and that there were no obstacles in front of her success. İlayda Alkan said, “It is very nice to be an Olympic champion. We expected such a success. Because we worked hard and our team is very good. It is very proud,” he said.

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