Akbaş: 'Communication is a Vital Dimension in the Safe Operation of Railway Traffic'

Communication is a Vital Dimension in the Safe Operation of Akbas Railway Traffic
Communication is a Vital Dimension in the Safe Operation of Akbas Railway Traffic

Metin Akbaş, General Manager of the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), attended the "Safety Critical Communication Trainings" seminar organized by the Department of Education in Afyonkarahisar. Metin Akbaş, who spoke at the program organized to create a corporate training culture for personnel working in critical positions; He said that they prioritize the human-oriented, sustainable safety approach.

For personnel working in safety-critical duties; “Safety Critical Communication Training Seminar”, organized by the Department of Education in order to create a corporate safety culture and to adopt safe working as a culture in their lives, started in Afyonkarahisar. TCDD General Manager Metin Akbaş, who attended the opening of the three-day seminar, made important statements. Underlining that education is the most valuable investment made for people, Metin Akbaş said that they prioritize the human-oriented sustainable safety approach. Saying that railwaymen who have been operating in a safe and quality manner with their 166-year history, have important duties, Akbaş emphasized the importance of the safety-critical personnel working in the field to fulfill their duties and responsibilities safely.

“Education is the key to development, renewal and walking towards our goals together.” Akbaş continued his speech as follows: “With this belief, we re-established our Department of Education, enabling it to continue its activities as the Turkish Railway Academy. Despite the pandemic period, we conducted many in-service trainings for the professional and individual development of our employees. We have placed the concept of “safety” at the foundation of our in-service training activities that we have been implementing for two years. We will continue the Safety Culture Trainings held in our regional centers in such facilities in order to increase motivation and achieve the targeted goals. We attach great importance to educational activities in terms of the continuity of our corporate culture.”


Stating that the development of safety systems and technical infrastructure is very important, TCDD General Manager Metin Akbaş noted that they have taken important steps in this regard, and that the more important issue is the investment in people. Akbaş said, “Because no matter what technology you buy, the user is ultimately human.” said.

Expressing that it is the duty of all railwaymen to adopt the safety culture and act accordingly, Metin Akbaş said, “Communication is vital in the safe operation of railway traffic. We have to comply with the communication rules and procedures, and make phone or radio calls in a healthy and understandable way. I expect each of us to take the responsibility and show the necessary sensitivity about safe working and correct communication. I am sure that you will gain useful information during your time here, but it is very important that this information is used in the study phase. Be sure to apply what you learn here in your work, and have your other colleagues apply it as well.” he said.

“Safe work, teamwork, correct communication and the development of corporate culture will always be our priority.” Akbaş concluded his speech as follows: "Today, our employees working critically in terms of safety will participate in the "Safety Critical Communication Trainings" series that we started with 1 employees from our 2st, 3nd, 7rd and 28th regions and YHT regions in two years. We will meet with you more with our renewal trainings and other seminars. Let's not forget that safe working is very important for the safety and health of both our organization and you, our employees. The global coronavirus epidemic we are experiencing has taught us a lot. Once again, we understood the value of what we have and that our most valuable asset is health. I would like to take this opportunity to wish God's mercy on our employees who we lost in this process. I would like to thank our Education Department and our trainers for bringing us together, and wish you all a healthy and safe working life.”

For personnel working in safety-critical duties; The "Safety Critical Communication Training Seminar", organized by the Department of Education, will last 3 days in order to establish a corporate safety culture and to adopt safe working as a culture. In the seminar at Afyon Police Morale Training Center, Turkish Railway Academy trainers Esma Çalış, Ferat Savcı and Hilal Eğin will provide training to the participants.

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