Bentley's First Electric Sports Car Expected in Late 2025

 Bentley is investing heavily to rebuild itself as the leading luxurious electric vehicle brand. Learn about the production of five new electric cars by XNUMX.
Bentley is investing heavily to rebuild itself as the leading luxurious electric vehicle brand. Learn about the production of five new electric cars by XNUMX.

Britain's most sought-after carmaker has a huge legacy. However, the company is not going to stop there. In the near future, the company is preparing a lot of new products for its fans. Now it remains only to calmly wait, start thinking about buying a new car and eagerly absorb the news that appears about new Bentleys.

The cars of the British automaker have always been associated with something sophisticated, exclusive, and luxurious. Wanting to emphasize their status, people have always invariably turned to buy a Bentley. Although buying a new car from one of the most popular automakers in the world remains an outrageous dream for many, everyone has the opportunity to ride this luxurious iron horse in Dubai, where car rental prices are a pleasant surprise. You should see for yourself and check Bentley price in Dubai . Renting a car has never been so easy. All you need to do is to choose a car for rent among a huge variety of Bentley models, and then Dubai car rental managers will do everything for you, which is what exclusive car rental service is all about.

In the meantime, we will talk about what awaits us in the near future and what surprises Bentley is preparing for us.

First electric car at the end of 2025

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Times are changing and Bentley Motors is moving forward. The high demand for electric cars has changed the way many of the world's largest automakers make cars. In the coming years, we will see a transformation, because, without changing the fact that the company makes premium luxury cars, in three years we will see the appearance of the first electric sports car in the history of the company.

It doesn't end there. Starting in 2025, the company will introduce new electric vehicles to Bentley fans every year. This is part of the grandiose Beyond 2030 plan, the essence of which is the transition to the production of eco-friendly luxury cars by 100.

The details of what we will see in three years are not yet known. However, the director of the company already today makes it clear that this will be something that no one has seen before. In addition, we are promised to see a fast electric sports car .

Five new electric models in five years

The grand plan is to completely stop the production of cars with an internal combustion engine. Starting from the end of 2025, a new model will appear every year, and the production of existing models with an internal combustion engine will stop. This will be the largest product promotion in the history of the company.

Such news is awe-inspiring as it can be expected that every new vehicle will be able to offer buyers exceptional performance, power, outstanding design as well as inherent luxury.

Although the company has more than a century of history, no one is going to stop there. On the contrary, the company has a clearly defined goal - to become the number one among all brands selling luxury electric cars.

The production of eco-friendly cars will make the company bigger and more profitable

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Such grandiose plans imply that their implementation will require huge investments. However, the company is confident that such a transformation will increase volumes as well as profits. Even now, the company's profits are incredible. Over the previous year, over 14.000 vehicles were sold. In addition, during this period, buyers made individual orders to customize their cars. Most of these Bentley cars were worth over $270.000.

Now two hybrid models are in great demand. The Bentayga and Flying Spur were two of the most popular models among buyers. In addition, it is known that over 15% of the cars sold were hybrids. In 2022, more than 20% of all cars sold are expected to be hybrids.

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