Ankarakart Period Has Started in Polatlı

Ankarakart Period Has Started in Polatli
Ankarakart Period Has Started in Polatlı

Ankarakart announcement was made by EGO General Directorate. According to the statement, which is closely related to the people of Ankara, Ankarakart period has started as of today in Polatlı in order to popularize the use of ANKARAKART in public transportation vehicles throughout the city.

An important announcement was made concerning those who use public transport in Ankara.

System setup complete

According to the statement, the installation of Electronic Fare Collection System has been completed for 35 Private Public Transport Vehicles on the Polatlı-Ankara line, 2 on the Polatlı-Haymana line, and 1 Private Public Transport Vehicle on the Polatlı-Beypazarı line. As of Monday, 30 May 2022, Ankarakart started to be used in these vehicles.

In the past period:

  • 59 units on the Çubuk-Ankara line,
  • 37 units on the Akyurt-Ankara line,
  • 19 units on the Elmadağ-Ankara line,
  • 28 units on the Kahramankazan-Ankara line,
  • 12 units on the Sirkeli-Ankara line,
  • 16 units on the Lalahan-Ankara line,
  • 18 units on the Hasanoğlan-Ankara line,
  • 6 units on the Oyaca-Ankara line,
  • 12 units on the Kalecik-Ankara line,

“ANKARAKART” started to be used by establishing an Electronic Fare Collection System in Private Public Transport Vehicles (ÖTA) for a total of 207.

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