Flight Ticket and Bus Ticket Prices Increased by 155 Percent

Due to the increase in exchange rates and fuel prices, the costs of airline and bus companies have also increased. The cost of the increased costs was reflected to the passengers at the rate of 155 percent.

Online airline ticket and bus ticket agency tuna.comprepared a report based on the flight and bus ticket prices of the most visited cities in Turkey, compared to the past year and today. In line with this report; While domestic air ticket prices increased by 159% on average, intercity ticket prices increased by XNUMX% on average. bus service The rate of increase in ticket prices reached 150 percent. Ticket prices are expected to increase again during the upcoming summer season and the Eid-al-Adha holiday.

With increases of up to 170 percent in domestic flight tickets, the ceiling price exceeded the limit of 699 TL. The highest increase was in Istanbul - Antalya one-way flight tickets. In April of last year, the average Istanbul - Antalya flight ticket price was 264 TL; It rose to an average of 170 TL with a 712 percent hike. The cost of traveling by plane between Istanbul and Izmir, one of the most popular destinations in Turkey, increased by 162 percent. One way Istanbul – Izmir flights ticket prices are around 583 TL. Istanbul - Ankara flight ticket prices, which increased by 2021 percent compared to 146, were offered for sale in the band of 550 TL.

Buy Flight Ticket The increase in bridge and highway toll fees due to the exchange rate increases and the hikes in fuel have affected the bus companies. Intercity bus ticket prices have almost approached the prices of plane tickets, with increases of up to 161 percent compared to the previous year. According to the report; Istanbul – Ankara bus tickets, which were sold for an average of 2021 TL in 81, are sold with prices starting from 161 TL with an increase of 211 percent. Istanbul - Antalya flights, while finding buyers for 120 TL last year, are offered for sale at prices of 300 TL and above this year. Tickets for bus services from Istanbul to Izmir cost around 300 TL.

In the summer season and before the approaching Eid al-Adha, demand-driven price increases are expected in flight tickets. For those who plan to travel by plane in this period and those who are looking for an economical flight ticket; It is recommended to buy their tickets as early as possible, evaluate flight alternatives on weekdays, and choose the days before and after the holiday eve.

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