Access to Formal Education Statistics Made Easy

Access to Organ Education Statistics Made Easy
Access to Formal Education Statistics Made Easy

Formal education statistics published both digitally and in book form on the official website of the Ministry of National Education have been made more easily accessible with the new software.

The province-based formal education data of the Ministry of National Education regarding the number of schools, students, classrooms, teachers and enrollment rates have been made available for easier and faster access by decision makers and researchers. Data enriched with graphics will be shared on the official website of the Ministry as of tomorrow, in excel and PDF format, in a way that can be questioned according to the education year and education levels.

Users will also be able to access the tables on the website where summary data of each education level is published according to school type and academic year.

Data will no longer be tracked from the booklet

Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer, in his evaluation on the subject, stated that they will open the newly developed system to the use of the public as of Monday, May 16.

Stating that there is no need to follow the ministry's data from the booklet, and that the data can now be accessed very easily with filtering screens and graphic support, Özer said: "This study is very valuable because our education system is a very large education system. There are many parameters in this system. It was really difficult to follow these parameters and data in those books. Now, all our researchers, all education stakeholders, education writers who want to strengthen education-related literacy and want to follow education-related parameters and data will have the opportunity to examine this data very easily, filter it crosswise and provide a different perspective to the data with different features.

We attach great importance to this because there is a need to talk about education with data in Turkey. Every word that will be said positively or negatively in education must be based on data. It is also very valuable in terms of seeing the places where we can improve in education. We are open to all kinds of criticism, we want to improve our processes. Making criticisms based on data will be very valuable in terms of seeing our shortcomings. Our new software will enable our academicians to access and access data very easily and quickly, which they will use very actively in their studies on education policies.”

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