May 6, 2022 Provincial Friday Prayer Time: Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir Friday Prayer Time

May Il Il Friday Prayer Time Istanbul Ankara Izmir Friday Prayer Time
6 May Provincial Friday Prayer Time Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir Friday Prayer Time

Friday time and prayer time have become the subject of research for millions of Muslims since morning hours. The question of what time the Friday prayer will be held on May 6, 2022 is one of the most curious in this context. Those who want to perform their worship in a timely and complete manner are doing research on the list of prayer times from province to province and the time of Friday prayer in their province. What time will Friday prayer be held today? Here is the provincial prayer times list of the Presidency of Religious Affairs, and the prayer times and Friday prayer times in Bursa, Adana, Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir!


For the Friday prayer, which is held after the noon prayer, Diyanet shared the prayer times according to the provinces. Here is the Friday prayer time for each province:

  • Istanbul – 13:06
  • Ankara – 12:50
  • Adana – 12:40
  • Bursa – 13:05
  • Izmir – 13:13

For Friday Prayer Times of Other Provinces CLICK HERE

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