301 Miners Who Lost Their Lives in Soma Mining Disaster Commemorated in Bursa

The Miner Who Lost His Life in the Soma Mining Disaster was Commemorated in Bursa
301 Miners Who Lost Their Lives in Soma Mining Disaster Commemorated in Bursa

DİSK, KESK, TMMOB, Bursa Medical Chamber, TÜMTİS Bursa Components commemorated the 301th death anniversary of 8 miners who lost their lives in Soma, with the press statement they made at BAOB Freedom and Democracy Square.

On the eighth anniversary of the Soma Disaster, which is the biggest mining disaster in Turji, with the press statement made by DİSK, KESK, TMMOB, Bursa Medical Chamber and TÜMTİS Bursa Components at BAOB Freedom and Democracy Square, those who lost their lives were commemorated and attention was drawn to the unlawfulness experienced during the trial process. Ferudun Tetik, Secretary of TMMOB Bursa Provincial Coordination Board, made the statement. The statement made by Tetik is as follows:


“We respectfully commemorate our 13 miners who lost their lives in the Soma Mining Disaster, which took place on May 2014, 301 and went down in history as the biggest mining disaster in our country's history.

The Soma Mining Disaster is not an invisible accident, but the product of the destruction of public mining, the de-unionization of workers and the imposition of a slave labor system as a result of neoliberal understanding.

The Soma Disaster is not a simple negligence, but the result of ignoring mining knowledge and experience, inadequacy of technical knowledge and infrastructure, and ignoring the understanding of occupational safety.

301 miners in Soma paid with their lives for the working conditions imposed by the mining companies in order to increase their profits and the policies of the political power that do not value the lives of the workers.

In the 8 years that have passed, the Soma Disaster has become not only the name of a mining disaster, but also a legal disaster. As a result of the experiences during the trial process and the decision of the court, the deep sadness of the sense of injustice and injustice was added to the pain of the 301 miners we lost in the disaster.

At the end of the trial process, which ignored the responsibility of public institutions and mitigated the crimes of the owners of the mining company, those responsible were given ostensible sentences, and with the reduction of execution issued by the government, those responsible were released almost without even serving time in prison. The fact that Can Atalay and Selçuk Kozağaçlı, who volunteered as lawyers for grieving families, are in prison today, while those responsible for the Soma Disaster are out, is an indication of the deplorable state of the law.

The Soma Case, just like the Gezi Case, the Çorlu Train Accident Case, and the October 10 Case, resulted in a way that damaged the sense of justice and belief in the law of the society. The Soma Case must be heard again and those responsible must be punished as they deserve.

No matter how many years have passed, we will never forget the death of 301 miners, the responsibility of the political power and public institutions, the greedy owners of the mining company and the people who caused the disaster.

We will continue to fight for a country where we can live humanely and work conditions where we can work in humane conditions.”

After the announcement, Bursa Bar Association President Atty. Metin Öztosun and TÜMTİS Bursa Branch President Özdemir Aslan also gave speeches.

After the speeches, carnations were left on the helmets placed at BAOB Freedom and Democracy Square in memory of 301 Miners who lost their lives in Soma.

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