1 Runway Will Continue to Serve at Atatürk Airport

When Was Ataturk Airport Built? What Was Its Old Name? Why Is It Being Destroyed?
Ataturk Airport

The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure said, “The area where Atatürk Airport's north-south runways are located is a different way to our nation from now on; It will serve with the People's Garden. The east-west runway will be kept open for emergency use. Atatürk Airport will continue to remain the nation. It is that clear, that clear,” he said.

The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure made a written statement regarding the Atatürk Airport discussions. “It has filled its capacity by providing great services to Turkey in the aviation sector; The task of correcting the lies told to the public about Atatürk Airport, which will continue to remain at the service of the nation by offering Istanbul the green spaces it needs, falls to us, who built the New Turkey with the approval we received from our nation," the statement continued as follows;

Mentioning the problems that may arise if Atatürk Airport is still used as an airport, the statement pointed out that Istanbul residents would lose hours in traffic. In the statement, “With the opening of Istanbul Airport, which was put into the service of the world on October 29, 2018, improvements of up to 100 percent were achieved on the D100 Topkapı – Yenibosna, İstoç – Kuyumcukent (Basın Ekspress) D30 Sefaköy – Ambarlı routes, in time loss due to traffic congestion. THY would turn into an ordinary airline brand. Turkish Airlines (THY), one of the most valuable brands of our country, which is known and preferred worldwide and plays a very important role in Turkey's achievement of its goals, took action in the first half of the 2010s to increase the number of flights and the amount of transit passengers and cargo it carries in order to maintain its stable growth. . With the strategies of providing foreign currency inflow to the country and increasing its resilience to global crises with cargo transportation, THY managed to grow to become one of the best airline companies in the world and to fly to the most destinations in the world. The development of THY has direct and indirect effects on many sectors from tourism to logistics, and therefore on the country's economy. Investments that support this development of THY are for the benefit of Turkey and its nation. It is irrational to block the way of developing sectors and brands. Turkey would not be able to become a global center in aviation. This strategy of THY, one of the flag carriers of Turkey, transforms Istanbul into a more frequently used aviation hub, with 4,5 million tons, three times the total air cargo capacity of Turkey, with an annual capacity of 3 million currently, reaching 120 million. Our country has turned into a global aviation center with Istanbul Airport, which is possible to The region would drown in noise pollution, Istanbul would not be able to breathe. Turkey's shifting gear in aviation, THY's goals beyond being a global brand in the aviation industry, the density of Atatürk Airport moved above the capacity. Atatürk Airport, where 200 planes can land and take off every day, and which hosts more than 100 thousand planes annually, was giving 460 million tons of carbon emissions to the region with the highest population in Istanbul, with this density. It caused tremendous noise pollution, the area of ​​​​the city with a population of 1 million could not breathe. While carbon emissions, which are equivalent to 4 trees, have been eliminated today, the noise pollution caused by 305 airplanes every day has also come to an end.

In the statement, it was stated that the area where Atatürk Airport's North-South runways are located will now serve with the Nation's Garden, and that the East-West runway will be kept open for use in emergencies. Emphasizing that Atatürk Airport will remain the nation, the statement said, “This is so clear, this is so clear. Unfortunately, those around us, who have adopted lies, slander, and defamation as an ideology, do not give up trying to look like they are 'opposing' by clinging to a new one after every false claim. We've said it before, let's repeat it again; We neither give up serving our nation nor fight these customers," it said.

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