Youcan Games Entered The Game Industry Quickly

Youcan Games Quickly Entered Gaming Industry
Youcan Games Entered The Game Industry Quickly

📩 29/04/2022 10:20

EGİAD Young business people, who have invested millions of dollars in many startups with the Melekleri Investment Network, have recently signed another initiative that will set an example for the partnership culture. EGİAD Youcan Games, a game investment company composed of business people who are members of the Angels, experienced entrepreneurs from the Game Industry and Izmir's leading business world representatives; With the first game released by the first Game Initiative Team it supported, it made a successful entry into the sector by taking its place in the list of the most downloaded in America. The game development team, which consists of entrepreneurs who are all interested in game development, achieved a worldwide success in a short period of 2 months and realized their first dreams. Youcan Games, EGİAD Thus, it started its activities as a Game Investment Company to provide investment, technical expertise and Publishing Support with its strategic partner Ruby Games to game entrepreneurs by its angels to establish their own companies.

Youcan Games Investment and Management Leader Levent Kuşgöz stated that they are happy to have received the successful output of the innovative investment model they have established in such a short time. Inviting all individuals and teams with a passion for developing Hyper Casual Games to the model they established, Kuşgöz stated that they will unconditionally provide all the financial and technical expertise necessary for the incorporation and successful game development processes. Pointing out that the Youcan Games project is the result of a total of 1 year of preliminary work with Arda Ürper, Hüseyin Kadıoğlu, Cem Elmasoğlu, Rasim Kurum, Melisa Itmeç and Arda Yılmaz, who took part in the beginning and execution of the project, Kuşgöz said that the Youcan Games entrepreneurial teams, who made a rapid entry into the sector, were teamed up with DEPARK – He stated that he started working at Dokuz Eylul University Technopark.

We want to build gaming startups, not prototypes

Drawing attention to the recent acceleration in the success of gaming initiatives in Turkey, Kuşgöz said that they have been keeping a close eye on the gaming industry for a long time and that they think that this high potential for success in Turkey is being damaged by the usual pressure to produce serial prototypes.

Kuşgöz stated that they observed that the game startups that depended their income on the prototyping system, moved away from their main goal of being successful game companies and turned into structures that prepare prototypes or video content, and said, “The initiatives that proceed in this way aim not to develop quality, successful games, but to produce more prototypes. they have to determine. Ruby Games, with which we cooperate in publishing our successful games, provides invaluable strategic support to our model with its experience in the mobile game industry and its outstanding achievements. Introducing the games we have developed with its Expert Marketing team to the whole world, Ruby Games also shares industry data with our game initiatives, providing data-proven feedback in the creation of new game ideas and in our steps to bring these ideas to life. This strategic support enables the game initiatives in our model to see their goals more clearly and to reach success with more confident steps by creating data-driven game ideas rather than initiative-oriented.”

We are Founder Studio, we invite all game entrepreneurs to make their dreams come true

Reminding that companies that are investors in the sector and help startups are called Venture Studio, Kuşgöz said, “Youcan Games positions itself as Founder Studio, which means "Founder", because it works in a structure that gives entrepreneurial teams the opportunity to establish their own businesses. Experienced entrepreneurs, who are targeted to be included in Founder Studio, will be able to produce games for the game industry in a short time, with the financial support and guidance of Youcan Games in the field of data for a certain period of time, and have the opportunity to test their games and publish them as the owner of their own company.

We invested in Young Entrepreneurs, our future

EGİAD Alp Avni Yelkenbiçer, Chairman of the Board of Directors, stated that they closely examined the game industry; “We had the opportunity to closely examine the Game Ecosystem in line with the goal we set for ourselves at the beginning of the term. While making reviews EGİAD We made the Youcan Games project developed by Angels come to life. Thanks to this partnership, we aimed to spread the games released here all over the world and we are happy to catch the first success. We have taken such a step so that our trained workforce in this field does not go abroad. We made a good choice by investing in young people, who are our future. We will give the message 'you can do it too' to Young Entrepreneurs. All those involved in this EGİAD Thank you to the Game Industry Group.” he said.

EGİADGreat interest from important names in the investment of the Youcan Games project, which was born in

Youcan Games, among them the Vice Chairman of the Izmir Chamber of Commerce and EGİAD 9.-10. Term Chairman Cemal Elmasoğlu, İzmir Chamber of Commerce Vice Chairman Emre Kızılgüneşler, EGİAD Its President, Alp Avni Yelkenbiçer, EGİAD Levent Kuşgöz, Chairman of the Executive Board of Melekleri, EGİAD 11th Term President Temel Aycan Şen, EGIFED President and EGİAD 14th Term President Aydın Buğra İlter, EGİAD Board members, EGİAD Melek Network members were established with the investment of people experienced in the software and game industry, such as Rasim Kurum, as well as business people from Izmir.

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