UTIKAD Conveyed the Problems of the Logistics Sector to the Minister of Trade

Minister Musa Conveyed the Problems of UTIKAD Logistics Sector
UTIKAD Conveyed the Problems of the Logistics Sector to the Minister Muş

International Forwarding and Logistics Service Providers Association UTIKAD re-addressed the pending problems in the Turkish logistics sector to the evaluation of the TR Ministry of Commerce.

UTIKAD Delegation consisting of UTIKAD Board Member and Head of Customs and Warehouse Working Group A. Arkın Obdan, UTIKAD Regions Coordinator Bilgehan Engin, UTIKAD Ankara Representative Ali Rıza Özay and UTIKAD General Manager Alperen Güler met the Minister of Commerce Mehmet Muş on Friday, 8 April 2022. He visited his office and presented his views and suggestions on the issues on the agenda of the logistics industry.

UTIKAD, which continues to successfully represent the problems of the logistics sector in Turkey and the improvement of the existing structure, held a meeting with the TR Minister of Commerce Mehmet Muş under six main headings during its Ankara visit.

After the briefing about UTIKAD's activities, UTIKAD Board Member Arkın Obdan talked about the report on "Transit Transport in Turkey: Development Areas" prepared by UTIKAD General Manager Alperen Güler and the contributions of UTIKAD within the scope of the Trade Facilitation Coordination Committee (TKKK), He gave information to the Turkish Minister of Commerce, Mehmet Muş.

During the meeting, the hot topic of the logistics industry was the Russia-Ukraine war. In this direction, UTIKAD, which offers solution suggestions for the opportunity of our country to become a transit trade center, said, “The goods in transit can be placed in the bonded warehouses by submitting the warehouse declaration as the main responsibility on behalf of the TIOs through customs consultancy firms, and the goods can be sent abroad by making transit transactions under the responsibility of the TIO certified company. ” request was received positively by the Minister Muş and it was instructed to make the necessary arrangements.

Other topics brought to the agenda by UTIKAD are; UTIKAD Opinions on Receiving the Goods Arrived by Road to Temporary Storage Areas, Warehouse Declaration in Import Procedures and Transit Transports, Conditions in the YYS Questionnaire, Invoicing of Customs Clearance Services Provided by Customs Brokers, Especially in EXW and DDP Transports, to Logistics Firms, and E. - It was about the unification of notifications under a single system.

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