'Military Framework Agreement' Signed Between Turkey and Tajikistan

Military Framework Agreement Signed Between Turkey and Tajikistan
'Military Framework Agreement' Signed Between Turkey and Tajikistan

📩 21/04/2022 15:21

Minister of National Defense Hulusi Akar welcomed the Minister of Defense of Tajikistan, General Sherali Mirzo, who was in Turkey as an official guest, with a military ceremony at the Ministry of National Defense.

After Tajikistan's Defense Minister General Mirzo saluted the Ceremonial Squad, the two Ministers first had a tete a tete and then chaired the meeting between delegations.

In the meetings where bilateral and regional defense and security and cooperation in the defense industry were discussed, Minister Akar;

– The common belief, historical and cultural ties between Turkey and Tajikistan were emphasized,

It has been reported that we are ready to share experience on border security and counter-terrorism issues,

The necessity of increasing military education cooperation between the two countries was emphasized.

After the meeting between the delegations, the Military Framework Agreement between Turkey and Tajikistan was signed by Hulusi Akar, Minister of National Defense, and General Sherali Mirzo, Minister of Defense of Tajikistan.

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