TCDD is in Debt Impasse! Total Debt 4.4 Billion TL

Total Debt Billion TL at the End of TCDD Debt
TCDD is in Debt Impasse! Total Debt 4.4 Billion TL

The economic stalemate in TCDD came to light with the reports of the Ministry of Treasury and Finance. According to the Treasury Receivables Stock data, on November 30, 2021, the total of the Treasury's overdue receivables from TCDD was recorded as 2 billion 125 million TL. The total debt of the administration to the Treasury was 4 billion 472 million TL.

According to the news of Mustafa Bildircin from BirGün: "In the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality elections held for the second time in June 2019, the total debt of TCDD to the Treasury is 4 billion 472, after the administration of TCDD, which opened a position for the unemployed municipal employees after the administration passed from the AKP to the CHP. million TL was reported. The total duty loss of the institution, which was transferred from 2019 and reflected in the records for 2021, was 991 million TL.

In the State Railways Report of the Presidency of Turkish Court of Accounts for the year 2020, it is stated that appointments were made without examination to the directorate seats within the body of TCDD and which must be appointed by examination according to the regulation.

In the report, which sheds light on the unqualified practices of the administration, it is stated that the branch managers consisting of 40 people settled in their positions without examination.

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