Ordu Metropolitan Smart Bicycle Software Produced Its Own

Ordu Buyuksehir Made Its Own Smart Bicycle Software
Ordu Metropolitan Smart Bicycle Software Produced Its Own

Bicycles, which became unusable in Ordu after the German company withdrew its software, are starting to be used again in daily life with the local software produced by the youth of Ordu. This work, produced by the engineers of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality's software company ORYAZ, also ends the foreign dependency in the field of software.

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Dr. Ordu Yazılım A.Ş., a subsidiary of the Metropolitan Municipality, laid the foundations of Mehmet Hilmi Güler to increase the interest of young people in science and technology and to turn Ordu into a software base. (ORYAZ) continues to produce projects that will enable the digital transformation of other cities, especially Ordu.


In this context, ORYAZ, which continues its software studies, has signed another work that will make its name known. 6 years ago, a smart bicycle system working with a join payment system valid in European Union countries was installed in Ordu by a German company. After operating for 2-3 years, the system, which has high maintenance, repair and annual fees, was interrupted due to the pandemic. In the next process, the German company decided to close the system, since the EU countries could not remove our country from the mentioned join system and therefore the rental fees could not be transferred to the Municipality.


The R&D team of ORYAZ, a subsidiary of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, which stepped in upon this, was led by the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, Dr. With Mehmet Hilmi Güler's instructions, he designed the electronic card, manager kiosk and electronic cards in the bicycle pontoons and went into production. After this work, ORYAZ engineers developed a domestic and national software with the work they completed by programming the cards and making them manageable from the mobile application and website.

ORYAZ A.S. With their work, the R&D team proved that the German company has the technology to compete in the field where it has a monopoly with its technology and quality, as well as that it has reached the ability to do the latest technological works and transactions of its age with the concept of remote internet of things (IOT) specific to smart cities.

This software system will be put into the service of the citizens after the wheel and mechanical maintenance of the idle bicycles is completed.

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