Superstar Ajda Pekkan: 'I've never taken the metrobus, I'm very curious about Marmaray'

Superstar Ajda Pekkan I've Never Rided Metrobus, I'm Curious About Marmara
Superstar Ajda Pekkan I've Never Rided Metrobus, I'm Curious About Marmara

Superstar Ajda Pekkan said that being a celebrity is a huge responsibility; “I want to visit Istanbul as my heart desires, but it is not possible. For example, I want to visit the Grand Bazaar, Tahtakale, Thursday Market or Galata, but I haven't been to these places for many years. This is ukde inside of me. I've never taken the Metrobus, IDO, I'm very curious. I have never taken the metro or the metrobus. I am very curious about Marmaray. I also want to get on the ferry. My father was a naval colonel, we used to ride with him when we were little. "I still remember those days," he said.

Pekkan responded to the criticisms made from time to time for participating in events held under the auspices of President and AKP Chair Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Pekkan said, “I really don't understand why we are being criticized. Our President is a person determined by the election of our entire nation and is the President of all of us. After all, he represents our country, not individuals.”

“I go wherever I am not hurt”

Pekkan said, “When our President, our state invites me to any organization, of course, I respond and attend according to my availability. In this respect, I do not care about such criticisms on social media. I go wherever I am not hurt. This is what matters to me,” he said.

“An artist should dress the way he feels good on stage”

Pekkan said, “There was a section that criticizes the stage outfits of some of our female artists. What are you thinking?" He answered the question as follows:

“These criticisms may be for me or for another female colleague. What matters is how the artist wants to dress. She should dress the way she feels good on stage. In this respect, I support our female artists.”

To read the whole interview of Tuğba Kalçık from Sabah newspaper Click.

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