Last Minute: Plane Crash in Bursa! 2 Dead Between Houses

Aircraft Dust Near Bursa Yunuseli Airport
Last Minute: Plane Crash in Bursa! 2 Dead Between Houses

📩 25/04/2022 16:47

A single-engine plane crashed near Yunuseli Airport in Bursa and started to burn. While firefighters were dispatched to the scene, the cause of the accident is being investigated.

The single-engine plane started to burn by falling between the houses in Sarıgül Sokak, Bağlarbaşı District of Bursa's Osmangazi district. Pilots Furkan Ökten and Murat Avşar lost their lives in the accident.

While there was great panic after the plane crashed, 5 vehicles on the street began to burn. Explosions occurred from time to time due to the fire. People living in the neighborhood experienced panic. With the notice, many firefighters, police, health and AFAD teams were sent to the region. Firefighters got the fire under control.


Governor Yakup Canbolat and Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş made a statement regarding the crash of a single-engine plane in Bursa. Governor Canbolat said, “A special massacre team is coming from Ankara. They will give their technical reports. It's not appropriate to say anything right now. 2 houses and vehicles were damaged. 2 pilots died. We think it is for technical reasons. This is a civilian trainer aircraft. Only our pilots died. No injuries in the neighborhood. Thank you," he said.

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