Santiago Monorail Will Have 20.000 Passengers Per Hour

Santiago Monorail Will Have Passenger Carrying Capacity Per Hour
Santiago Monorail Will Have 20.000 Passengers Per Hour

The monorail to be built in the city of Santiago will have the capacity to carry 20.000 passengers per hour and at least 200.000 passengers per day, thus reducing transportation costs by 30 percent.

This was detailed by President Luis Abinader as he led the first initiation of this project, which directly impacts the state's transportation.

He also pointed out that the monorail will directly affect more than 500.000 people, reducing transportation costs by 30%, reducing congestion, increasing productivity and reducing environmental impact.

He said that the main purpose of this work is to guarantee the well-being and mobility of the citizens of the region.

“The aim of this strong investment we are making today is to create a high-quality and usable public transport service linked to the Santiago Integrated Transport System, which reduces travel time and transportation cost by increasing users' accessibility and quality of life,” he said. during the address.

He also emphasized that the Santiago Monorail, together with Line 1 of the Cable Car, integrates the city's most populated sectors and central workplaces.

He said his government had proposed to "revolutionize cities and affect people's daily lives."

The monorail is expected to be ready by the end of 2024, the president told Hoy Mismo in January.

“The important thing is that someone will open it,” said Luis Abinader.

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