What is Game Sister, What Does She Do, How To Become? Game Sister Salaries 2022

What is Game Sister, What Does She Do, How to Become Game Sister Salaries 2022
What is Game Sister, What Does She Do, How to Become Game Sister Salaries 2022

The play sister is the person who usually helps the children of working families in subjects such as foreign language, chess, preschool education and games. The game older sister works part-time just like her game brother.

What Job Does Game Sister Do, What Are Her Duties?

The play nursery deals with all preschool children except those with special education needs. Play sisters often help children play and learn foreign languages. Apart from this, the duties and responsibilities of the play sisters are listed as follows;

  • To identify children's skills such as rhythm and to inform families,
  • To have knowledge about the development of children under the age of 6,
  • Staying with the child according to the family's travel plans,
  • Counseling the family and giving information about gifts such as toys.

How to Become a Game Sister?

In order for people who want to be play sisters to work in institutions that provide education to pre-school children, they must graduate from pre-school education undergraduate programs that provide 4-year education at universities. The people who will be employed by the families are generally required to have undergraduate or graduate education and have a good command of English. The game sisters can even become an idol for children. For this reason, game sisters need to pay attention to their behavior and actions. The qualifications sought in game sisters are listed as follows;

  • not smoking,
  • Being disciplined,
  • To have knowledge about children's games,
  • To follow the social, mental or educational development of children,
  • be able to speak English well,
  • Having knowledge of subjects such as music, dance or painting,
  • Respecting the lives of families,
  • To be able to use Turkish properly and to develop children's language skills.

Game Sister Salaries 2022

The lowest Game Sister salary received in 2022 was determined as 5.200 TL, the average Game Sister salary was 5.500 TL, and the highest Game Sister salary was 6.700 TL.

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