7 Easy Home Tips for Spine Health

Easy Home Recommendation for Spine Health
7 Easy Home Tips for Spine Health

📩 18/04/2022 15:57

Both young and older generations can suffer from neck, back and waist pains. While both muscle weakness and joint degeneration cause this in advanced age, postural disorders caused by technology are the biggest factors in the young population.

Noting that some simple measures can protect us against both muscle strength deficiency and posture problems, Specialist Physiotherapist Altan Yalım from the Therapy Sport Center Physical Therapy Center said:

“Spine health is the most basic feature of a happy life. Oftentimes, small changes protect us from major spinal problems. For example, every item that does not fit properly can cause major problems in our spine over time, causing traumas.” said.

Expert Physiotherapist Altan Yalım gave information about simple suggestions for spine health and explained:

1-Bedding selection is one of the most basic measures. A good sleep is the most effective activity for both our muscles and joints to relax. The mattress we choose should neither be too hard and force our joints into a certain position, nor should it be too soft and draw us in. A medium firm mattress is best.

2-Kitchen counter and cabinet heights are among the factors that can strain both the back and waist areas the most. Their height must be well-adjusted and not too low to arch our back or too high to overstretch.

3- The height of the television is equally important. Being low or high can cause excessive muscle loads on the neck and back, depending on the viewing position.

4-The choice of sitting groups is also closely related to our spine health. Similar to the choice of mattresses, instead of being too hard or soft, medium-firm, not too deep seats will be healthier for us.

5-The height of the cabinets is also important, especially for our waist health. Carrying heavy or large items to high places will be extremely straining on the waist.

6-The choice of desk and chair at home and their height are also important. It is important that they should be high enough to keep our back straight and have a depth to support our back well. While these adjustments may be more difficult at school or the office, the home should be our comfort zone.

7-Bathroom ergonomics is also important, especially for those with back problems. Adjusting the height of the shower or toilet bowl instead of a bathtub that is difficult to enter is easy to prevent unnecessary traumas.

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