Life-Saving Solutions in Motorcycle Accidents

Life-Saving Solutions in Motorcycle Accidents
Life-Saving Solutions in Motorcycle Accidents

Concrete barriers provide confidence to motorcycle drivers, especially in traffic accidents. As in the rest of the world, various institutions are working on preventing traffic accidents and minimizing the loss of life and property in traffic accidents in Turkey. One of the institutions carrying out these studies is TÜRKÇİMENTO. “SAFE SOLUTION FOR MOTORCYCLES: CONCRETE BARRIERS”, prepared by TÜRKÇİMENTO, emphasizing both the economic dimension and the importance of using concrete barriers with a high level of security in ensuring traffic safety for motorcyclists has been published.

In the study carried out with the contributions of Türkçimento, it was pointed out that the existing steel barrier systems do not provide the safety of motorcycle drivers and motorcycles lost their lives in the accidents that occurred.

In the study, it was mentioned that concrete barriers are the right solution with their economic dimensions, as well as enabling motorcycle users to travel safely in traffic, especially in countries with a wide road network such as Turkey.

In the statement made by Türkçimento officials, the following information was given in summary:

“In the light of scientific data, it has been determined that motorcyclists are 29 times more likely to be involved in a fatal barrier accident than automobile users, if the ratio is made based on the journey distance. Studies have shown that a motorcyclist who hits the barrier is 7 times more likely to die than a car driver.

In 2020, 735 motorcycle riders lost their lives in Turkey. When the accidents were analyzed, it was seen that the motorcycle crashes that hit the barrier occurred mostly on sharp bends and high speed limited divided roads.”

Stating that concrete barriers are the safest solution for motorcycle users, TÜRKÇİMENTO officials stated that the barriers used in the world, especially on roads with high speed limits, are concrete barriers. Emphasizing that the use of concrete barriers in accordance with the EN 1317 standard is implemented as a legal requirement in many countries, especially the UK and Ireland, the authorities said that concrete barriers, which absorb impact energy, do not cause sharp and pointed ends during impact, and prevent motorcycles from slipping under the barrier, maximize the safety of motorcycle users. they stated that they did.


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