Midterm Holiday Advice for Children from Doga College Guidance Department

Midterm Holiday Advice for Children from Doga College Guidance Department
Midterm Holiday Advice for Children from Doga College Guidance Department

The third quarter of the 2021-2022 academic year has been completed. Doga College Pre-School and Primary School Guidance Department Head Büşra Aparan Akın, Doğa College Secondary School Guidance Department Head Gülşen Aksu, who gave important advice to both students and parents so that students can rest physically and mentally, accumulate learning energy and spend more quality time with their families during the April break break. Işıl Yayla Can, Head of the High School Counseling Department, listed her suggestions as follows:

Take Time to Rest

One of the most important purposes of vacation is to relax. Students should take time to rest both physically and mentally. A healthy diet, exercise and plenty of sleep are important for development. Care should be taken to pay attention to these during the holiday.

Reading Books Must Be Included In The Vacation Program

One of the most important ways for an individual to improve himself is to read books. It is also very difficult for children who are not interested in reading books to achieve lasting success. This habit is for students who do not have the habit of reading books. kazanHolidays are a good opportunity for people to enjoy reading a book. Reading books improves comprehension, imagination, cultural knowledge, and thinking skills. Children should be allowed to choose books according to their wishes. The child who reads the book he/she chooses and is interested in will develop the habit of reading, so he/she will be more willing to read. A reading time can be arranged at home, at which time everyone can read the book of their choice. Children can read books on topics that are of interest to them and share their thoughts about the book with the child, and the child's views can be asked.

Plan Social Events Together

Social events can be planned together. Educational and entertaining social activities can be the first step for a good holiday plan. It is possible to get together with loved ones and friends, and an opportunity can be created for the child to spend time with their loved ones and friends. It is important to empathize with children and be aware of their abilities, interests and needs when planning a holiday. While planning, only the parents should not focus on the activities they foresee and enjoy, the planning should be done together with the child.

Reviewing Technology Use

Children may want to watch unlimited television or spend time with digital tools during the holiday. However, the point we need to pay attention to is that the restriction of technology use is a necessity not only for the academic life of the child, but also for the general development of the child. For this reason, the use of television and technological tools should be carried out in accordance with the determined rules. In this regard, it is as important as the rules of use for parents to be a correct model for their children regarding the use of technology.

It Matters Again

In addition to resting, the semester break is a good opportunity to make up for the deficiencies of the subject, to solve the questions and to make a general repetition. Students should benefit from new resources in order to review and consolidate the knowledge learned so far and to avoid learning losses. 8th and 12th grade students, who are in the exam preparation year, can make a list of the tests, question banks and subjects that need to be done again. In addition, they can practice the exam by applying a practice exam at home, just before the exam. Students should pay attention to time management and solutions to questions they could not do in practice exams.

Preparation for Back to School

In the last days of the holiday, children need the support of their families to prepare for their school routine. Children who get enough rest, have a pleasant time, miss their school and friends will be mentally ready to return to school. In order for the transition not to be difficult physically, there should not be a big change in the hours of going to bed at night and waking up in the morning during the holiday period. The last few days of vacation should be spent in school, if possible. In addition, children should be supported in checking school bags, notebooks and books, and preparing school uniforms.

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