Metro Istanbul Says 'Equality Is Here'

Metro Istanbul Equality Says Here
Metro Istanbul Says 'Equality Is Here'

📩 28/04/2022 16:08

IMM subsidiary Metro Istanbul, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and Istanbul Planning Agency (IPA) organized a panel titled 'Gender Equality in the Transportation Sector'. In the panel where the goals on gender equality were shared, it was announced that the 'Equality is Here' project was started. Within the scope of the project, Metro Istanbul, IPA and EBRD; will work together on gender equality, breaking prejudices and women's urban mobility.

Turkey's largest urban rail system operator Metro Istanbul; İPA hosted the 'Gender Equality in the Transportation Sector' panel organized with the contributions of BİMTAŞ and EBRD. In the panel held in Metro Istanbul Alibeyköy Campus, gender stereotypes were freed; Goals and projects were shared to build a fair, equal and free society. Also at the panel, Metro Istanbul, which has been realizing the goals it has set for gender equality since 2019 one by one, and the EBRD, which has been operating in Turkey for 13 years, announced that they have started the 'Equality is Here' project.


Ozgur Soy, General Manager of Metro Istanbul, took the first word in the 'Gender Equality in the Transportation Sector' panel. Strain; He said that they host more than 16 million passengers per day with their fleet of 189 stations and 949 vehicles on 2 lines. He noted that they provided employment to more than 5 thousand people. Sharing the information that the rate of female employees in Metro Istanbul has increased from 2019 percent to 8 percent since 11, Soy continued with the following words:

“We aim to increase the rate of women working in Metro Istanbul to 25 percent in the short term, and then, of course, to equalize it in the long run and to catch 50%. The number of female train drivers, which was 2019 in 8, has increased by 18 times and reached 2022 by 143. 2 percent of train drivers hired in the last 68 years have been women. 2022 percent of our train drivers that we will hire in 60 will be women. In addition, our female employees have been very successful by entering all business areas that were previously viewed with prejudice and were said that women cannot. 2020 percent of the women working in our company since 12,46 have been promoted. In 2019, this rate was only 0,64%. We know that ensuring gender equality is not just about providing women with equal opportunities on the career ladder. Our aim is to ensure that all our passengers feel safe wherever they see the Metro Istanbul logo, and that they can travel safely at our stations and in our vehicles, no matter what time of day it is, and an excellent travel experience.”


The second speaker of the meeting, EBRD Director for Gender Equality and Economic Inclusion, Barbara Rambousek, said that they aim to create a development impact in their investments within the framework of sustainable development goals. Noting that they support everyone's access to economic opportunities by taking into account gender equality, Rambousek said, “Achieving gender balance in the workforce by increasing female employment in the transportation sector, where female representation is low, especially in technical positions, is among the development goals of the EBRD. Supporting the mobility of users and increasing their access to economic opportunities by providing equality in access to public transport services is another goal for the EBRD. In this context, within the scope of financing the Ümraniye-Göztepe-Ataşehir Metro Line, the EBRD will support the creation of more employment for women in the transportation sector and the strengthening of safe and gender-sensitive public transportation systems in Istanbul by collaborating with Metro Istanbul and IMM.”


IMM Deputy Secretary General Pelin Alpkökin stated that inequalities in access to transportation services in a densely populated metropolis like Istanbul also create problems in accessing services and rights. Stating that city life requires movement, Pelin Alpkökin said, “Our priority is to create a structure that includes women and everyone who cannot access equal rights, with all their differing needs. It's a rebuilding process, so there's still a long way to go. Considering that we have knitted this process by knot, I must say that the consultancy program that we will announce to the public here suits the transformation that has been created so far. I wholeheartedly support equality of opportunity in transportation as a right to the city, and equality of opportunity in employment as a human right.”


In the 'Equality is Here' project, Metro Istanbul, IPA and EBRD started an 18-month collaboration in the field of investigation, capacity building and evaluation to raise awareness on gender equality, reduce inequalities and overcome prejudices. In this process, studies will be carried out that will increase the mobility of women, increase the number of female employees in Metro Istanbul and contribute to the economic development of women.

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