Mersin Transportation Master Master Plan Work Continues

Mersin Transportation Master Plan Studies Continue
Mersin Transportation Master Master Plan Work Continues

Under the leadership of Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Vahap Seçer, the "Transportation Master Master Plan" renewal studies were started in December 2021. In addition to the 4 central districts, Tarsus, Erdemli and Silifke districts were added to the Transportation Master Master Plan, which was designed by expert staff by examining the innovations and systems in transportation.

President Seçer: “We are renewing the Transportation Master Plan”

Preparation of the feasibility report for the rail system, preparation of 35 km 3-stage rail system preliminary projects, optimization of public transport lines, preparation of preliminary projects for 16 bridged junctions, physical examination of 150 junctions, in the Transportation Master Plan, which is under the leadership of the Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation. There are topics such as examining and making the necessary arrangements, preparing the rubber wheeled public transportation system rehabilitation action plan, determining and constructing the parking lot needs. President Seçer also said the following about the plan:

“Undoubtedly, transportation is one of the most important problems of Mersin. For this reason, we are doing a comprehensive study on planning our city street by street. While we are working on zoning plans throughout the city, we are also taking important steps to solve the transportation problems of our city. Because we think that the existing problems will not be solved without harmonizing the zoning and transportation plans, and we know very well that if we do not work in this way, new problems will arise. In this context, we are renewing the Transportation Master Plan, which was last made in 2015 and has been 7 years since.”

“To be completed in 1,5 years”

Stating that arrangements will be made in the light of innovations in the Transportation Master Plan, President Seçer said, “Our expert staff in their fields; He examined and designed the innovations and systems in transportation. In addition to our 100 central districts with a population of over 4 thousand, we include Erdemli, Silifke and Tarsus in our Mersin Transportation Master Plan. According to the contract we made in the last days of December, our Transportation Master Plan will be completed in approximately 1,5 years.

Problems in urban transportation are asked to citizens

The Metropolitan, which wants to prepare a plan by putting the problems of the people of Mersin in the forefront, added a survey study in which the opinions of the citizens were consulted to the works to be done within the scope of the Transportation Master Master Plan. The survey, which will ask questions about transportation problems, will be carried out by Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department.

“Our citizens will also contribute to Mersin's future transportation planning”

Murat Altuntaş, Transportation Planning Branch Manager of the Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation, stated that they made the Mersin Transportation Master Plan in order to take decisions that will solve Mersin's current and future problems in urban transportation, including the current and target year 2035, and continued as follows:

“The Transportation Master Plan plays an important role in shaping transportation and making decisions that we can consider as a guide in making investment decisions related to transportation in the future. Another important point in these studies is; The relevant demands, tendencies, transportation movements and habits of our citizens, especially regarding transportation demands, will be determined. For the part we call household surveys, a survey study will be carried out by interviewing our citizens face to face. Within the scope of this survey, it will be expected that questions related to transportation such as household information, information about transportation of households, problems experienced in transportation, time spent in transportation, wages, and vehicle ownership of households will be answered. In line with the data we will create and receive in this way, we will also direct the main directions of the Transportation Master Plan. Within this scope, we will organize interviews with households. In this regard, we will conduct approximately 4 thousand surveys in 15 districts of Mersin, namely Tarsus, Erdemli and Silifke, and we will conduct interviews with approximately 50 thousand people. With the results to come, we will be aiming for our citizens to contribute to the future transportation planning of Mersin.”

Trained personnel will be assigned for the survey.

Altuntaş called on the citizens about the personnel assigned for the survey studies and said, “During these interviews, trained personnel will be appointed, they will visit the households by carrying ID cards and face-to-face surveys and question information will be carried out. Our work in this regard will be furthered by our Mersin Metropolitan Municipality. When citizens encounter any suspicious situation, Mersin Metropolitan officials can be reached via 185 and again to our Police Department officials via 112. In these survey studies, there will be no situations such as calling a citizen by showing a different location in any way, or a monetary exchange related to this. Friends, interviewers, who are on duty on a daily basis, will be notified to our Police Department as a list of names. Except for the situations we have just explained, or if a different situation is encountered in any way, we ask that not to be respected when faced with a situation other than our official websites and news. We expect our citizens from Mersin to help in the survey studies in order to contribute to transportation. ”

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