Mersin 3rd Ring Road Arrangement Works Has Started As of Today

Mersin Ring Road Arrangement Works Have Started As of Today
Mersin 3rd Ring Road Arrangement Works Has Started As of Today

The 2022nd Joining Meeting of Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Council in April 2 was held under the chairmanship of Metropolitan Mayor Vahap Seçer. President Seçer announced that they have started work on the arrangement of the 3rd Ring Road, which will ease the transportation and traffic of Mersin, and said, “We have started our work on this route of 6 thousand 75 meters as of now”.

“We are grateful to all our martyrs who gave their lives and changed the destiny of our nation”

of the Assembly; Speaking in the Wishes and Wishes section, President Seçer stated that they commemorated the martyrs and veterans with gratitude during the 14-20 April Martyrs' Week and said, “Love of homeland combined with the spirit of independence is one of the noblest and highest loves. Fighting for these values ​​when necessary is a response to this love. Regardless of their disposition or sect, we are the children of a nation that wrote epics in the streets for the sake of the same values. We are grateful to all our martyrs who defended our values ​​in each line of our national anthem, which started with the phrase 'Do not be afraid', and changed the destiny of our nation by giving their lives. We can only repay our debt to our martyrs and veterans by working hard to leave a fully independent and stronger country. With this responsibility, we always work in Mersin under all conditions and conditions. I commemorate all our martyrs with mercy, especially Veteran Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and his friends in the struggle," he said.

“Our main goal is that all our citizens living in Mersin are peaceful and happy”

President Seçer, who also celebrated the April 17 Easter Day of the Christian world, said, “We come from a culture that accepts differences as wealth. Our beautiful city Mersin is one of the exemplary cities that live and keep this culture alive. We are very happy to live together in peace. It is our main goal that all our citizens living in Mersin are always peaceful and happy. The purpose of religious holidays is to bring people closer to each other through bridges built between hearts and to be instrumental in the happiness of humanity. I congratulate Easter, one of the most important days of Christianity, and offer my respects to the entire Christian world, especially to our Christian citizens living in Mersin.”

“I invite all our citizens to our clean beaches”

President Seçer invited everyone to Mersin to see the natural beauties of Mersin within the scope of the 15-22 April Tourism Week and said, “Our city, which is one of the few centers in the world in terms of its natural and historical riches; It has an important tourism potential with its natural beaches, artifacts bearing traces of different civilizations, historical sites worth seeing, and plateaus. Everyone needs to see and experience Mersin in order to see the beauties that we cannot explain and to introduce the tastes of Mersin, a gastronomic city. We invite everyone to Mersin. I invite all our citizens to our clean beaches operated by our Denizkizi company due to the sea tourism that will start very soon. I congratulate the week of our tourism community," he said.

“3. Ring Road arrangement works have started as of today”

President Seçer announced that the arrangement works on the 3rd Ring Road have started and said, “3. Ring road; Rifat Uslu Street, Ali Kaya Mutlu Street; On this route, road arrangement works between Akbelen Boulevard and 34th Street have started as of today. In other words, we have started our work on the 3rd Ring Road, on this route of 6 thousand 75 meters. At the moment, feverish work has begun there. We are planning to do a similar work on the 4th Ring Road on the 3rd Ring Road. We will organize it as 3 lanes of vehicles, 1 lane of bicycle path and pedestrian path. If you think of it as a round trip, we will arrange each part in this way. By the end of this year, these works will be completed,” he said.

Stating that they have made changes in the routes so that the citizens do not suffer unjustly within the scope of the works, President Seçer said, “13. Vehicles coming from the street west arrival direction; they will turn right in the direction of 36th Street and join Okan Merzeci Boulevard. Vehicles coming from the east direction of 13th Street will descend south and turn right at the lower intersection of the cemetery and join Hüseyin Okan Merzeci Boulevard. Vehicles entering 201st Street from Okan Merzeci Boulevard will turn to 210th Street, and from there they will be able to enter 203th Street by joining 13rd Street. In addition, the 13th Street will be able to go to and from the east-west direction as a single lane,” he said.

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