Mercedes C-Class All Terrain on the Roads of Turkey

Mercedes C-Class All Terrain On The Roads Of Turkey
Mercedes C-Class All Terrain on the Roads of Turkey

For those who think that estates are not suitable for the terrain, but an SUV is too high from the ground, Mercedes-Benz is now offering its customers the All-Terrain option for the first time for the C-Class, after the E-Class All-Terrain it introduced in the spring of 2017. offers another versatile solution.

With approximately 40 millimeters more ground clearance than the conventional C-Class Estate, the standard 4MATIC all-wheel drive system and two off-road driving modes, the C-Class All-Terrain offers freedom of movement on trails off-road with its larger tires. The unique radiator grille, special bumpers, under-bumper protection coatings at the front and rear, and matte dark gray fender lip linings on the sides support the off-road vehicle look. The crossover model also offers many important features of the New C-Class, which was recently introduced to the market. Efficient petrol engine powered by 48-volt technology, adaptable and intuitive MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience) infotainment system and new generation driving assistance systems are some of them. DIGITAL LIGHT, offered as an option, includes a special terrain lighting. Mercedes-Benz C-Class All-Terrain, which was introduced at the Munich Motor Show last September, is offered for sale in our country with prices starting from 1.387.000 TL.

Emre Kurt, Mercedes-Benz Automobile Marketing and Corporate Communications Group Manager; "November

We are diversifying the New C-Class, which we started to sell in 2021 and received heavy orders in a short time, with All-Terrain after the sedan body. With the C-Series All-Terrain, which will easily meet the expectations of our customers who want to travel comfortably in light terrain conditions, although not as high as SUVs that are constantly increasing their share in the automotive market, we are adding a new one of our versatile model options to our country's market. We aim to appeal to stylish luxury lovers with the New C-Class All-Terrain, which offers a wonderful balance between passenger cars and SUVs.” said.

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More than a station

Compared to the traditional C-Class Estate, the All-Terrain has slightly larger dimensions. With a length of 4755 mm, the New C-Class All-Terrain is longer by 4 millimeters. Thanks to the fender linings, its width increases by 21 millimeters to 1841 millimeters. Thanks to the 40 mm increased ground clearance, its overall height reaches 1494 mm. 8/18 R 2 tires with 41 J x 245 H45 ET 18 wheels are offered as standard, while 8/19 R 2 tires with 41 J x 245 H40 ET 19 wheels are also available as an option.

There is no difference in terms of luggage volume and functionality. The sporty rear offers a volume of 490 to 1510 liters. As with the C-Class Estate, the rear seat backrests fold in three parts in a 40:20:40 ratio. The EASY-PACK trunk lid, which is offered as standard, can be opened or closed easily using the button on the ignition switch, the button on the driver's door or the button on the trunk lid.

Striking appearance: Design features that emphasize the terrain look

When viewed from the front, the new C-Class All-Terrain features chrome inserts and a grille with a central star in the radiator grille. Vertical slats and glossy black coatings on the radiator grille enhance the perception of quality. The dark gray veined plastic and shiny chrome lower protection coating used on the front bumper complete the model's strong character.

This version of the C-Class features matte dark gray trim on the sides and fenders. Version-specific, these coatings visually contrast with the painted body surfaces. An additional chrome strip is integrated into the side trim. Wheel options are available for the All-Terrain between 18 and 19 inches. The multi-piece rear bumper emphasizes the special structure of this version with its version-specific chrome trunk sill guard and shiny chrome lower protection coating.

All-Terrain versions are based on the AVANTGARDE exterior design. Accordingly, polished aluminum is used in the side trims, side window frames and roof bars. The trim on the B-pillars and the trims on the rear side windows are applied in gloss black. When equipped with the Night Pack; Other features (e.g. shoulder line, side mirrors) and trim elements front and rear (lower skid plates front and rear, as well as boot sill guard) are applied in gloss black.

High comfort and quality in the interior 

The interior of the C-Class All-Terrain is also based on the AVANTGARDE package. There are three color options: black, macchiato beige/black and sienna brown/black. The instrument cluster has a silver chrome insert and a matte diamond silkscreen finish. In addition, different coating options are offered.

The central display screen displays a driver-oriented structure with its six-degree inclination. The high-resolution 12,3-inch LCD screen in the driver's area looks freestanding and floating. This app distinguishes the driver display from traditional cockpits with classic dial instruments. A new “Off-Road” content has been added for All-Terrain that displays geographic coordinates and compass information, as well as information such as inclination or steering angle.

Like other interior equipment, seats that provide the highest level of comfort and lateral support specific to the AVANTGARDE level are offered. The black leather multifunction sports steering wheel with silver trim offers a stylish look and provides a comfortable grip. The AVANTGARDE interior also includes ambient lighting.

For demanding tasks: Approximately 40 mm more ground clearance and comfortable suspension

The C-Class All-Terrain has around 40mm more ground clearance than the conventional C-Class Estate, and the wheels are larger in diameter. This makes the C-Class All-Terrain suitable for rough road surfaces. The four-link front suspension has slightly larger steering knuckles, while the rear axle has a multi-link suspension.

Comfort suspension with passive damping system is offered as standard for more comfortable and high driving stability.

Character matter: DYNAMIC SELECT with terrain mods

Apart from ECO, COMFORT, SPORT and INDIVIDUAL, the C-Class All-Terrain has two additional DYNAMIC SELECT modes for off-road driving. While OFFROAD is designed for lighter terrains such as dirt roads, gravel or sand, OFFROAD+ with DSR (Slope Down Cruise Control) comes into play for tougher and steeper terrains.

DYNAMIC SELECT adapts the operating characteristics of the engine, transmission, steering, ESP® and 4MATIC systems. The driver can switch between driving modes with the touch pad under the central display.

Wide coverage: DIGITAL LIGHT including off-road lighting

The C-Class is equipped as standard with LED High-Performance headlights. DIGITAL LIGHT transferred from the new S-Class is optionally available. The headlight system includes a special terrain lighting for the C-Class All-Terrain. In light off-road driving, the wide illumination area allows the driver to see obstacles, including bends, earlier. As soon as the Off-Road drive mode is activated, the off-road lighting comes on. The function is active up to 50 km/h and automatically turns off above this speed.

DIGITAL LIGHT, each headlight features an extremely powerful three-LED light module that refracts light and is guided by 1,3 million micro mirrors. Thus, the resolution per vehicle rises to over 2,6 million pixels.

With its dynamic and sensitive nature, this system provides almost unlimited possibilities for a high-resolution light distribution that adapts to the conditions. However, the system offers superior lighting performance not only with the technology in the headlight, but also with the digital intelligence behind it. An integrated camera and sensor systems detect other road users. A powerful processor evaluates data and digital maps in milliseconds and instructs the headlights to adjust the light distribution to suit the conditions.

Towbar: Trailer support with smart assistants

With all-wheel drive as standard and a towing capacity of up to 1800 kilograms, the C-Class All-Terrain can also tow a trailer. A collapsible drawbar with partially electric articulation and ESP® trailer stabilization are available as options. A button in the trunk unlocks the hitch, then the drawbar can be unlocked. The control light turns off when ready for use.

At speeds of 65 km/h or more, ESP® trailer stabilization can intervene automatically in critical situations. The system brakes the wheels in case of unwanted oscillations and reduces oscillations. The system also reduces vehicle speed, if necessary, by reducing engine torque or applying the brakes.

A trailer maneuvering assistant comes into play with this optional extra and Parking Package with 360-degree camera. This function makes it easier to maneuver with a trailer. The trailer maneuvering assistant automatically adjusts the steering angle of the towing vehicle at a speed of 5 km/h and on a slope of up to 15 percent. When the system is stationary, it is activated by selecting reverse gear and pressing the Park button to the left of the center console touchpad.

The trailer maneuvering assistant can be operated intuitively via MBUX. It is sufficient for the driver to indicate the desired maneuver via the central display or the touchpad in the center console. The function can perform turn maneuvers up to 90 degrees. Steering is automatically steered to maintain the angle. The driver can also select the “go straight” function if the trailer is moving in the right direction and should continue to reverse straight. The maneuver can be followed from different camera angles. Dynamic gridlines show trajectory, vehicle width and distance to objects.

Superior traction and stability: the new generation 4MATIC

The 4MATIC all-wheel drive system, which is offered as standard with the C-Class All-Terrain, provides high traction and driving stability on difficult surfaces. Up to 45 percent of the engine power is transferred to the front axle, and up to 55 percent to the rear axle. Greater efficiency and a 9-speed automatic transmission required further development of the 4MATIC drive system.

The new front axle drive enables higher torque levels to be transmitted with an ideal axle weight distribution. This solution provides a significant weight advantage over the corresponding component in the previous generation and accordingly helps to reduce CO2 emissions. In addition, the technicians reduced friction losses in the new transmission. Apart from that, it has a closed oil circuit and does not require additional cooling measures.

electric assisted motors

C-Class All-Terrain, C 200 4MATIC All-Terrain (mixed fuel consumption (WLTP): 7,6 -6,8 l/100 km; combined CO2 emissions (WLTP): 174-155 g/km) It is offered with a two-cylinder petrol engine (M 254) and an integrated second generation starter generator (ISG). The 204 hp (150 kW) power is briefly backed up by the electric system up to 20 hp (15 kW).

Energy back-kazanThe gasoline engine offers a high level of efficiency, thanks to the "glide" function when the engine is turned off and the engine is turned off. Mercedes-Benz M 254 with the modular 4-cylinder petrol engine; It has combined all its innovations in a single engine, including NANOSLIDE® cylinder coating, CONICSHAPE® cylinder honing and exhaust gas purification system installed directly in the engine. Twin Scroll technology has been developed for even faster turbocharger response, introducing the combined flow cascade turbocharger function.

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