Mercedes-Benz Turk Raises the Standard of Project Transportation with New AROCS

Mercedes Benz Turk Raises the Standard of Project Transportation with New AROCS
Mercedes-Benz Turk Raises the Standard of Project Transportation with New AROCS

Mercedes-Benz Turk brings together the Arocs 3353S and Arocs 3358S 6×4 tractor models, designed in line with the needs of the project transportation industry, with its customers. These vehicles meet the needs of the project transportation sector, thanks to their technical features and the possibility of technical train weights up to 155 tons.

Alper Kurt, Mercedes-Benz Turkish Truck Marketing and Sales Director; “Our Arocs 3353S and Arocs 3358S double-wheel drive tractor models developed for the project transportation sector; It was designed with an infrastructure that can overcome tough conditions with its powerful engine and high standard equipment level. While developing our products, we listen to the needs of the market and the demands of our customers. In this direction, we respond to the expectations and demands of our customers with all our products that we offer for sale. We aim to be the first choice of our customers serving in the project transportation sector with our new vehicles.”

It meets expectations with its high engine and braking power.

Arocs 3353S and Arocs 3358S 6×4 tractor models offer high engine power in line with the expectations of the project transportation industry. While the 3353-liter engine coded OM 12,8 engine offered in the Arocs 471S model produces 530 PS power and 2600 Nm of torque, the 3358-liter OM 15,6 engine in the Arocs 473S model offers 578 PS power and 2800 Nm of torque.

These vehicles also stand out with their competitive braking power. Arocs 3353S offers maximum braking power up to 860 kW (Max. Retarder 450kW + Max. Powerbrake 410kW) thanks to the Retarder and PowerBrake auxiliary braking systems offered as standard equipment, while Arocs 3358S offers up to 930 kW (Max. Retarder 450kW + Max. Retarder 480kW + Max. Powerbrake XNUMXkW) offers maximum braking power.

Offers high comfort to drivers

Arocs 3353S and Arocs 3358S double-wheel drive tractors also consider the comfort of the drivers, thanks to the features offered in their standard equipment. Thanks to the StreamSpace option, the driver's cabin of the models, which has an extremely spacious interior, is 2,5 meters wide. The vehicles, which have a flat floor thanks to the absence of an engine tunnel, offer a comfortable environment in the double bed cabin. For more comfort, as standard in vehicles; Refrigerator (under the bed & with drawers), Multimedia Touch radio, two-way speaker system, driver's side sunshade, special cabin sound and heat insulation, under-bed driver & assistant storage unit are also offered.

Vehicles; It has a stylish appearance thanks to its metallic paint, cabin-coloured bumper, side mirror, front grille and side spoilers, fog lights, roof-top air horn, LED daytime running lights integrated into the fog lights, and the grille that protects the headlights. In addition, vehicles have radio & rotating beacon pre-preparation for different conditions.

Overcoming tough conditions

Arocs 3353S and Arocs 3358S double-wheel drive tractors use the Mercedes-Benz G280 transmission, which has a long-lasting double disc clutch, high torque capacity, and is resistant to harsh conditions to convey the performance of the powerful engine in the best way. The models have a transmission with 16 forward and 4 reverse gears, as well as a strong and flexible running gear suitable for heavy transport. In this way, a technical train capacity of up to 155 tons is offered. In addition, cooling capacity equipment suitable for hot regions providing thermal stability is offered as standard in the vehicle to ensure operational continuity in project transportation. High technical train capacity up to 155 tons is provided in the safest way by the 5th wheel (4-way moving Cardanic Plate / Right-left-tilting Plate), which is flexible according to road and load conditions. Vehicles with a wheelbase of 3600 mm are offered with a fuel tank capacity of 720 liters (360Lt left & 360Lt right).

ESP, ABA5 and Fatigue Detection & Lane Tracking systems are offered in the standard equipment of the vehicles in the road class. For users who want to make trailer connection to their vehicles, "Rear transverse carrier for trailer connection, ESP Tandem Operation (For trailer connection)" preparations are included as standard. In the standard equipment of the vehicle, 385/65 R 22,5 wide-based front tires suitable for heavy transportation and 315/80 R22,5 tires with a profile suitable for the drive axles used in heavy transportation are used. It was designed to be horizontal to the right and to the outside.

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